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First Look Photo Shoots

First look wedding photography is when a Bride and Groom have their photos taken before the ceremony and it is a trend that lots of people are looking into now, and seems like quite a good idea to explore for yourself. I have asked quite a few of my favourite photographers what they think of it. I had a few different discussions  about these style of photo shoots with a few of the photographers that I know and were talking about the pros and cons of this style of photography.

Some of its strengths are:

* There is only the limit of time that you choose, you can have an hour of photos before your ceremony or three, it is totally up to you.

* No time is ‘wasted’ between the ceremony and the reception. I have been to a number of weddings where guests complain about the time wasted hanging around whilst the couple are having their photos.

* There is no pressure when you are doing family photos that your precious creative time is being taken up by all the photos with the family.

* If you are nervous about the ceremony it is nice that you and your partner can see each other before hand for an encouraging hug.

* You will actually get to spend a small amount of time alone.  Wedding days are often very busy and the day can go by in a heartbeat. It may be a chance just to have some  ‘you’ time before everything starts to go at breakneck speed.

*  Getting to experience that moment when you first see each other on the day in private.

Some of its weaknesses:

* Having to get ready earlier than you would if you photos were being taken after the ceremony. If you are having a lunchtime wedding  you will be up before the birds to have your hair done.

* If you are having bridesmaids and groomsmen and you decide that you just want the first look photos of the two of you. It is important to consider what they can do whilst they wait.

* It is quite unconventional and some people still want to do things the old fashioned way and not have the groom see the bride until she walks down the isle.

What do you think about first look wedding shoots, is it something you or someone you know had done?  Or is it something that you are considering for your wedding day?

Thank you to Corey Brown for the use of his stunning photos. Have a look at some of his other work here.


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Accessories with Special Meaning

Do you have  something that is very dear to your heart? Maybe a locket that belonged to your Great Grandmother, or some of the original lace from your mothers wedding dress? It could be a fantastic idea to include them in some way in your ceremony. By repurposing older accessories it is a great way to have people included in your special day and a way to have them feeling close to you if they are no longer with you, or for some reason can’t be with you at your wedding. There are many different ways to use these old items in new and modern ways . If it is something that is beautiful like a brooch or a piece of jewellery you could have it pinned to your bouquet, as a feature on your own dress or as part of your hair accessories. I saw a lovely bag that was made from the lace of a brides mothers wedding dress.

Alternatively this could be a good opportunity to start some traditions of your own. If there is something that your mum, or mother-in-law-to-be had for her wedding day  you could use these things on your wedding day. It might be something that she would love you to borrow, but might not want to offer as she might not want to be an interfering mother or mother in law.

If there is a parent or grandparent that has passed away, it maybe nice to include them by pinning something into your dress that belonged to them so that you can carry it with you on your special day. I have a brooch that my best friend gave us to pin onto our bouquets for the day at her wedding. I now like to wear it sometimes when I perform ceremonies. Have you been to a wedding where they have included things like this?

Thanks to Kirralee for the amazing photos check out her blog here.


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The love of my Life

I have had a few people ask me about my husband in recent weeks not just people I’ve recently met but people who have known me quite a while. People who know me well will know that I find it sometimes a little hard to explain things like this. We have recently celebrated out 13th Wedding anniversary. There are hundreds of reasons that I love him, but there are a few that I will tell you about.

Number one and top of the list is that  he understands me –  I don’t think this is an easy task. Like everyone, I have issues and idiosyncrasies and he knows them, puts up with them and loves me just the same.  He knows my light and loves my dark. He knows the things about my personality that I like and knows all the things that I endeavour to improve about myself. He is there to help me when I am trying to be a better person and still loves me when I don’t always succeed.  I love that no matter the context he loves me, if I’m grumpy, sad, happy, hyperactive, silly or any other myriad of emotions. I think it is amazing to have someone that loves you for all that you were and remembers fondly all of the fun and wonderful things that you were. We all change, nothing stays the same but there are those special people  that they will still love you and will always love what you will become.

I love him for the way that he sticks by me, through most of our married life we have had trials and things to test us, but no matter what the obstacle is, we are always on one another’s team. He has slept in chairs beside me in hospital, watched me pressed into body scan machines and sat with me when I have been put into MRI machines through countless tests. He always supports me through them.  I have seen him sick with worry for me and my well being. He has cheered me on in times of celebration and has always believed in what I can achieve, even more than I believed in myself at times.

I am grateful that I do not have to walk through this life alone. I love the way that if I fall he will carry me through my struggles and if he his having a tough time with his own problems he can lean on me.


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Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes used to be white with ribbons in the colours matching the colour of your bridesmaids dresses, now they are far more personalised. There are way more options than the traditional fruit cake! Lots of people now choose to have cupcakes, fantastic coloured cakes and all sorts of cake toppers that you can only imagine.
I’ve been amazed to see how some of the cake toppers are so detailed. I have seen some really fantastic bride and groom cake toppers that look uncannily like the bride and groom themselves.  I have also seen a few ‘cheese cakes’ where couples are choosing to have cakes that are made from layers of cheese, rather than a sweet cake.

More and more cakes are becoming a feature of their own.  It is a great way tie things into your theme (if you have one), my cousin had a theme throughout their wedding which was the Eiffel tower, it featured in their bonbonerrie and they had mini cupcakes on a model of the eiffel tower too. Some people are steering away from the traditional cake and going towards the cupcakes, macaroons, or gingerbread people.

Lots of couples are steering away from fruit cakes and if they are having some fruit cake, they tend to have one layer of fruitcake to keep a small part of tradition in amongst the new.

People are also steering away from tradition and choosing to have their cake as a dessert item, which I personally did at my wedding. It is such a lot of money for a cake if people don’t get a chance to eat it.  How many times have you been to a wedding, and the cake that they gave you to take home gets squashed in your bag and not eaten?

What kind of cake did you have? Have you been to a wedding that had an amazing or memorable cake?

Thanks again to Corey Brown for the use of the great cake photos. Check out his blog here.

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