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What should a celebrant wear?

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I have been asked this question a lot. First meetings with people always bring up a lot of interesting queries, Brides and Grooms always ask different and varied questions, and one of the more common questions is ‘what will you wear?’.¬†Sometimes couples almost look relieved if I bring up this topic before them.

Although Celebrant officiated weddings are becoming a lot more common, some couples that I meet with have only attended weddings that have been conducted in a church, or that have been officiated by ministers. Most of these people wear traditional outfits, almost a uniform as such, so I understand couples could be curious about what I will wear on the day.

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I always speak with the couple and make sure that what I am wearing on the day will fit in with the feel and look of their wedding. I usually wear a dress or skirt/pants and a nice top. I always want to look professional, but at the same time need to make sure that I suit the sort of day you are having. I am always very mindful that I don’t want to dress like a bridesmaid, ¬†I need to look like I belong in the midst of the ceremony, but I don’t want my outfit to be over the top. If the couple is having a relaxed garden wedding, and I turn up in an evening taffeta number it will just look silly. I always talk to the couple and make sure that I am not wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids, (unless this is the look that they are wanting) and always try to avoid colours that the couple don’t like. As much as I try to stay out of the way, there will be some photos that I am in. I am mindful of these kinds of things when I am looking at possible outfits.

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That said, if a couple want me to wear something in particular, that can be arranged too, I am still yet to conduct a wedding where I am asked to dress up as a weird and wonderful character, some people joke about it, but as yet it hasn’t happened. Have you been to a wedding where the celebrant wore something inappropriate, or just silly looking? Or a wedding where everyone dressed up? I’d love to hear about it!

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