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Veil lengths and styles



I have previously blogged about wearing a veil, but I didn’t go into to too much detail about the types of veils that you can have.  Of course no one needs a veil, however   there are not too many times in ones life that one can do it. I wore a veil. I love a good veil. Though some people don’t, they don’t feel comfortable in them and sometimes they don’t always suit the style of the dress that people wear. Other people can really make their outfit shine with the use of a veil.

All the technical terms are not important, but nice too look at and see what might suit your own personal style.

Birdcage veil


The birdcage veil is short and ideal for an outdoor wedding. Sometimes they are just the perfect veil to match with a vintage dress. My friend Suzy, who had her wedding in New Zealand, had the loveliest little birdcage veil. Check out the blog about her day here.

Blusher Veil or Shoulder length

This veil rests just above or just below the shoulders and is another good idea for an outdoor wedding or if you are wanting to show off your gown, especially if it has a lot of detail on the back. These style veils are also paired with 3/4 length gowns.

Elbow length

This veil commonly sits, well, as it suggests.. at the elbow it is often paired with a dress with a full skirt as it finishes where the skirts fullness begins.

Fingertip length veil



This is probably one of the most common length veils, as it is said to suit most body types and lots of styles of dresses. It allows the bride to wear a longer veil without covering all of the length of the dress.

Waltz or Ballet length veil 


Also in the category would be the knee length veil. All within a few centimetres of each other, (or inches depending what websites that you frequent), this is suggested to be one of the longest that you can wear with comfort for an extended time, especially if you want to wear it for all of your reception as well. It is short enough not to have to be carried as well as worn.

Chapel length veil

A chapel length veil would traditionally be worn with a dress that has a train, and would usually sit 15-20 centimetres past the train or hem of the dress.

Cathedral length veil


Think Princess Diana. A cathedral veil is around 3 to 3 1/2 meters long

Drop veil


Drop veil is a veil that is a single layer and looks like it has been dropped on the brides head, some styles of dresses look amazing with this style of veil.

Well, who knew there were so many names for veils. Do you like a veil or think that they are getting to be old fashioned? Is it a must have item or does it depend on the dress that is being worn?

 All images found on Pintrest

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A bridal shower gift with a difference


One of my oldest friends is getting married soon, and by that I mean we’ve been friends for a long time, she’s not that old! I’m very excited to be involved and feel honoured that I get to be the person that makes her and her partner husband and wife. I’m also lucky enough to be privileged to know some of the ins and outs of what is happening with the planning process. There was one thing in particular that made me very proud to be her friend.

My friend was discussing on her Facebook wedding page (super great idea, which I will blog about soon) about the bridal shower. She asked all of her bridal party their thoughts on something very special. Instead of asking for gifts for her bridal shower, my friend has decided that she will ask for people to donate to a charity on the day. She has asked for everyone’s input on which charity should be the chosen charity. What a beautiful and selfless idea. My friend already has a home with her partner and they have all the ‘kitchen’ things that they could need.


This isn’t the first time that I have seen this, although I’ve never heard of it for a bridal shower before. I also attended a wedding a few years back, one of the loveliest and unpretentious weddings I have attended. The bride and groom wore their jeans and they did the same thing, asked their guests that if they must buy a gift, to donate to any charity of the guests choosing. I think this is a lovely idea, especially when there are so many couples that already have their homes established and really don’t need too much more. Its a great way to share the love and to remind people what is really important throughout all of their planning.

I think this is so lovely? What charity would you choose? I’d pick the JDRF or any of the diabetes charities, no surprises there!


A very big thank you to Love Journal Photography for the use of their images on this weeks blog. Check out their website and have a look at their facebook and see all the new awards they have won. Congratulations Neo.

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Outstanding save the date


I received a ‘save the date’ in the mail for a wedding that I am also conducting the ceremony. It is just stunning, very simple and lovely and it just has the most beautiful warmth to the image. I know a lot of save the dates now are just words or illustrations on a page, stunning and simple. What I love about this one is the image of that tree. There is something special about it. I know that it is going to be a very special part of the day with the ceremony being held underneath its branches. I am so looking forward to this special day and all that it holds.
Just on another nerdy photographic note. The paper stock that these are printed on gives the photo such a beautiful warmth. I can’t wait to see what the invitations themselves look like too.
Cindy and Shane  included a wonderful information sheet of where there guests could stay and some information about a bus service that will be operating on the day too. Such wonderful and considerate ideas.



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