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Philip and Judie


Philip and Judie were married on a wonderful Friday afternoon in September. They were married in Philip’s workshop. They had their actual ceremony in China in October but for all sorts of paperwork reasons it was easier to get officially married in Australia and then just have all the ceremonies over in China without the legal parts. So in the initial planning stages, Philip told me that if it wasn’t the easiest wedding I had done then we were doing something wrong. They wanted short and sweet and it didn’t really matter when we organised it for as it would just be the two of them and a handful of friends.

WELL! What a difference a few weeks can make. As for my part not much had changed it was still to be a very short and heartfelt ceremony but somewhere along the line, it turned from a handful of friends into quite an affair. The workshop was tidied up and had a little alcove decked out with beautiful fabrics and done up with flowers. They had caterers come and had all sorts of wonderful finger food and drinks put on for a few of their closest friends.


This is the kind of wedding that I love two people who just really want to be married, it doesn’t really matter where it is, what matters is that at the end of it all they are married. This was absolutely one of these weddings! I love that it was all put together by people that Philip and Judie know and that the wedding was growing by the day, the Wednesday before the wedding when I popped into the workshop to go over a couple of things, Philip wasn’t sure if there would be 50 people there or 100. He had invited a lot of people that he had seen in the weeks between the setting of the date and the actual day arriving.

It was truly a lovely afternoon! Philip and Judie had the paperwork signed by Philip’s daughter and one of their oldest friends. What a job I have! I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to hear about all of the ceremonies in China too.



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