Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes used to be white with ribbons in the colours matching the colour of your bridesmaids dresses, now they are far more personalised. There are way more options than the traditional fruit cake! Lots of people now choose to have cupcakes, fantastic coloured cakes and all sorts of cake toppers that you can only imagine.
I’ve been amazed to see how some of the cake toppers are so detailed. I have seen some really fantastic bride and groom cake toppers that look uncannily like the bride and groom themselves.  I have also seen a few ‘cheese cakes’ where couples are choosing to have cakes that are made from layers of cheese, rather than a sweet cake.

More and more cakes are becoming a feature of their own.  It is a great way tie things into your theme (if you have one), my cousin had a theme throughout their wedding which was the Eiffel tower, it featured in their bonbonerrie and they had mini cupcakes on a model of the eiffel tower too. Some people are steering away from the traditional cake and going towards the cupcakes, macaroons, or gingerbread people.

Lots of couples are steering away from fruit cakes and if they are having some fruit cake, they tend to have one layer of fruitcake to keep a small part of tradition in amongst the new.

People are also steering away from tradition and choosing to have their cake as a dessert item, which I personally did at my wedding. It is such a lot of money for a cake if people don’t get a chance to eat it.  How many times have you been to a wedding, and the cake that they gave you to take home gets squashed in your bag and not eaten?

What kind of cake did you have? Have you been to a wedding that had an amazing or memorable cake?

Thanks again to Corey Brown for the use of the great cake photos. Check out his blog here.


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