Accessories with Special Meaning

Do you have  something that is very dear to your heart? Maybe a locket that belonged to your Great Grandmother, or some of the original lace from your mothers wedding dress? It could be a fantastic idea to include them in some way in your ceremony. By repurposing older accessories it is a great way to have people included in your special day and a way to have them feeling close to you if they are no longer with you, or for some reason can’t be with you at your wedding. There are many different ways to use these old items in new and modern ways . If it is something that is beautiful like a brooch or a piece of jewellery you could have it pinned to your bouquet, as a feature on your own dress or as part of your hair accessories. I saw a lovely bag that was made from the lace of a brides mothers wedding dress.

Alternatively this could be a good opportunity to start some traditions of your own. If there is something that your mum, or mother-in-law-to-be had for her wedding day  you could use these things on your wedding day. It might be something that she would love you to borrow, but might not want to offer as she might not want to be an interfering mother or mother in law.

If there is a parent or grandparent that has passed away, it maybe nice to include them by pinning something into your dress that belonged to them so that you can carry it with you on your special day. I have a brooch that my best friend gave us to pin onto our bouquets for the day at her wedding. I now like to wear it sometimes when I perform ceremonies. Have you been to a wedding where they have included things like this?

Thanks to Kirralee for the amazing photos check out her blog here.



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