First Look Photo Shoots

First look wedding photography is when a Bride and Groom have their photos taken before the ceremony and it is a trend that lots of people are looking into now, and seems like quite a good idea to explore for yourself. I have asked quite a few of my favourite photographers what they think of it. I had a few different discussions  about these style of photo shoots with a few of the photographers that I know and were talking about the pros and cons of this style of photography.

Some of its strengths are:

* There is only the limit of time that you choose, you can have an hour of photos before your ceremony or three, it is totally up to you.

* No time is ‘wasted’ between the ceremony and the reception. I have been to a number of weddings where guests complain about the time wasted hanging around whilst the couple are having their photos.

* There is no pressure when you are doing family photos that your precious creative time is being taken up by all the photos with the family.

* If you are nervous about the ceremony it is nice that you and your partner can see each other before hand for an encouraging hug.

* You will actually get to spend a small amount of time alone.  Wedding days are often very busy and the day can go by in a heartbeat. It may be a chance just to have some  ‘you’ time before everything starts to go at breakneck speed.

*  Getting to experience that moment when you first see each other on the day in private.

Some of its weaknesses:

* Having to get ready earlier than you would if you photos were being taken after the ceremony. If you are having a lunchtime wedding  you will be up before the birds to have your hair done.

* If you are having bridesmaids and groomsmen and you decide that you just want the first look photos of the two of you. It is important to consider what they can do whilst they wait.

* It is quite unconventional and some people still want to do things the old fashioned way and not have the groom see the bride until she walks down the isle.

What do you think about first look wedding shoots, is it something you or someone you know had done?  Or is it something that you are considering for your wedding day?

Thank you to Corey Brown for the use of his stunning photos. Have a look at some of his other work here.


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5 responses to “First Look Photo Shoots

  1. EW

    Not to mention that your hair and makeup would be all freshly done and still perfectly in place.

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