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Throwing the bouquet


Throwing the bouquet is one of the traditions that has recently started being questioned. Is it necessary? Is it a waste of money? Is it just something that people do for the sake of it? This is one wedding tradition that I really quite like.  I like to watch how the toss unfolds. A lot of the time they don’t really go to plan. People hit lights, people throw it and it is lands on the ground no where near the group of ladies, people fall over, get hit with the flowers… all sorts of things happen. If you are going to take part in this tradition there are a few things to consider.

Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo02 Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo05 Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo03
Firstly, how many single ladies will be at your wedding?

The more I think about it, the idea of getting all of the ‘single’ ladies to stand up in front of everyone can seem a little bit odd.  Some of them are probably already feeling awkward, if they have been seated at a table with a lot of people they don’t know and have already had 20 questions about their personal life. But if you don’t think too deeply about it, this one can be a bit of a laugh.  Are all of your friends married and just 3 of your guests going to get up? Perhaps re-think the idea if you are only going to have a couple of people involved. However, if you have loads of unmarried friends, make it fun and have some great single lady music on!

Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo25 Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo20
Do you throw your actual bouquet, or have a throw away one made?

I’ve previously blogged about bouquets and alternatives to a floral bouquets, but there is a lot of talk about weather you throw your actual bouquet or to have a special ‘throw away’ bouquet made up. I had a big big bunch of red roses for my bouquet, I wasn’t going to throw it away!  I love red roses and knew that my husband wasn’t going to buy me that many roses at once, ever. I knew that I wanted to dry my bouquet and keep it. I still have it on my bookcase. I could do that having roses. So I had a small throw away bouquet made, lighter and easier to handle. I can understand that some people are happy to throw their original bouquet if they are having flowers that are hard to preserve or they are not the kind of people that are interested in hanging on to the flowers from their day. There are a lot of people that would be thrilled to catch the actual bouquet of the bride. Some of the forums that I have read suggest that the bride could throw one of the bridesmaids flowers. Personally I think this is a little mean. The times that I have been honoured to be in someones wedding, the flowers were really special to me. I also think they are part of the gift that you give to your bridesmaid. What if you have more than one? Who misses out on their bouquet?

Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo17 Wedding-Photography-at-Melbourne-zoo15


Other ideas for your bouquet.

There are some other lovely ideas that you could use if you are not too interested in throwing the bouquet. You could give your bouquet or even the throw away to the couple on your wedding day that have been married the longest, Grandparents, an Aunt and Uncle, or your Parents. I think this is a lovely idea and a special way to include some of the older guests at your wedding. You could give your bouquet to someone who has particularly helped you throughout all of the wedding planning process (My sister in law had a small wedding and gave me her bouquet on her wedding day, it meant a lot to me and I still have it to this day.) You could use it as a token of love for your new mother in law, or a relative.  Or this could be a perfect moment to acknowledge the relative of someone who has passed away and you would have dearly loved to share your day.   One thing that I have read about, and which is a lovely idea, is a bride who gave special women (or depending on the size of your wedding all of the women there) part of her bouquet. The bride can spend a little time during the reception to give some of the really special women in her life part of her bouquet.


Do you have any other lovely ideas or suggestions of what can be done with the bouquet?

Thank you to Love Journal for the lovely photos on this blog, you can see more of their work on their website, or follow them on facebook by clicking here.

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Alternatives to a floral bouquet


Recently I did a blog about bouquets (you can read it here) and about all the different things that you could do and have, but some people are not interested in carrying a bouquet of flowers and having them around all day. Again this is something that you can take as far and wide as you like and the only thing to limit you is your imagination, but it is a great way to express yourself, and make a statement to your guests.

One thing that I tend to speak to all of the brides that I work with is about having something to hold on to, a lot of brides ask when they need to pass their bouquet to their attendants, or put them down, and most of the time I recommend that they hold on to them for as long as they can. The bouquet can be a wonderful security blanket object that you can keep fidgeting hands busy with and it is something grip onto hard if you get nervous at the start of the ceremony. If a floral bouquet isn’t for you maybe you would like one of these alternatives.

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I have seen a little bit about this kind of trend and there are people making bouquets out of feathers, or just using them for their corsage. This would look quite good if you were having it as a theme throughout your whole wedding. Although it is something that I think could look dated quite quickly.


This is a great one, practical, and beautiful. Especially if you are a handbag type of girl. It would be a great way to have all that you need with you on your day while it not looking out of place to be carrying one.

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A Muff

Especially lovely if you are having a winter wedding, great for keeping you warm and looking all wintery. However, (be prepared for jokes that will probably last all day, most people like the opportunity to make a muff joke.)

An Umbrella

These can make great props in your photos and can be diverse, especially if you are looking at different colours and fabrics. This could be a great idea for photos at the beach or in the local botanical gardens.



There are some beautiful and unique fans around.  Fans can look timeless and have a lovely vintage style to them, and you can really complete the theme of a vintage wedding by carrying one.

A wrist  corsage

Technically this is still flowers, but this is a great way to have something a little different, but and still not have to carry a bouquet around all day. This in itself is quite appealing to a lot of brides, this can be something that keeps with tradition but at the same time is a little different and can be a great way for you to still have flowers without having a big bouquet. I think it is a great idea especially if you are having a small wedding or are having a wedding that is not all the way ‘traditional’.

Themed things

Not having a bouquet of flowers could be a great way to incorporate your theme, if you are having a beach wedding and are using shells on invites and table decorations, why not have a bouquet made of shells, or a wedding that is in gardens, using pine cones.


Obviously, as I have said many times before, that you really are only limited by your imagination. There are plenty more ideas on alternatives that I haven’t listed, or thought of, on the internet. Check out Pinterest too, they you can always have find lots of ideas and inspiration there. Check out my blog about using  pinterest to plan your wedding by clicking here. One thing to keep in mind with all of these things is that you need to consider the style and the theme of your wedding so that whatever you choose to carry matches with the style of the wedding, if not these could look quite out of place and leave people wondering, why are you carrying them.

Have you been to any wedding where the bride or attendants didn’t carry a bouquet? What did they carry and did it work with the theme of the wedding?


Thank-you to Untamed Images for the use of their beautiful photos for this weeks blog, check out their website and facebook page, and have a look at some more of their lovely work.

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I recently blogged about bouquets, (you can read that blog here) but neglected to mention the Boutonnieres. These are something that don’t really get too much attention, just something that goes along, part and parcel of the men’s suits. It is almost expected that he will just have a flower of some sort and no one gives it much more thought than that.

Here is another great opportunity for you to express your individuality on your day. If you are happy to have a flower for your boutonniere, by all means have one.  It is quick and easy to organise especially if the bride is having a floral bouquet.  It isn’t hard for these to be ordered at the same time. This is another great way to move away from tradition and put some of your own personal spin on your outfit. It is also a small enough component to the wedding that you don’t need to worry that it is going to take a lot of attention away from other aspects of your big day.


Some things that you could think about would be dependant on what kind of theme you were having. Something quite lovely would be for a vintage theme would be to have an old key, to symbolise that the bride holds the key to your heart, you could also attach a little vintage lock to the brides bouquet to ‘match’  the theme. You could have feathers or some other type of adornment, medals of someone close to you or just a cog from a part of a machine that is something that you work on or that represents something close to your heart.

One thing that I thought would be great for those geeks like me who are into all things video games, Star Wars and comic books, is  you could have a lego character of your favourite comic book  hero or Star Wars character attached to your lapel.  I think it would be really cool to have little figures of all different Bounty Hunters for each Groomsman, or to all have Spiderman, Batman and Superman lego men pinned onto your lapels to show off a bit of your personalities. You could choose to have Luke Skywalker, a Darth Vader, a Yoda and a Darth Maul, depending on who you preferred, they could also match in with some nerdy cufflinks too.  These things could also be combined with a floral arrangement if you still want to keep with tradition but put some of your personality in the mix too.


Do you have any great ideas or know of anyone who has showcased their personality through some part of the wedding that is out of the ordinary?

Thank you to Zoe from The Wedding Photo,  for the beautiful photos for this weeks blog. Check out the website here.

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Post wedding day blues


Once all of the excitement of your wedding day is over – often it can be very difficult to settle in. You have had your big day and it was one of the greatest experiences of your life thus far, it can be hard to accept the big day is over – all of the planning and stress is no more.  There are no more dates set in the calendar, no more bridal showers or hens days – this can often be a little disheartening.

There are quite a few things you can do to keep yourself busy and help keep those lovely memories from your special day alive.

Thank you cards

This is a job that should be done close to the wedding date, it is a good gesture and is easily done earlier rather than later, while you can still remember who gave you what gift. It’s good to write a custom letter to each person, whether is it about a gift given or a lovely moment you shared at the wedding, rather than just a generic message. This can be time consuming but enjoying resurfacing beautiful memories of your wedding day.



Save the cake

Saving the cake is a old tradition from when couples got married to have children and the cake could be used around the couples first anniversary when the child was to be christened, the tradition is still popular for different reasons. However with the wide variety of cakes today, you need to be aware not all cakes or top tiers will freeze well. It is something you will need to research before committing to.

Preserve your dress

You have spent a considerable amount of time and money on your wedding dress, you may want to do some research into having your dress professionally cleaned and then decide if you are going to store it away, or possibly sell it. This is totally up to you; depending on how sentimental you are or if you think you may never wear it again and want to make some money back while it is still in fashion.


Keep your Bouquet

This is something a lot of people don’t really think about, and again it depends if you have a floral bouquet (you can read my blogs about bouquets here). You may decide to research the different options on preserving your bouquet. If you choose to have flowers you can have them dried, pressed, or freeze dried. These things vary in cost and some of them you can do yourself. You may decide to frame them – I have heard lately of people framing them with your wedding certificate or with all the beautiful good luck keepsakes.

Wedding Album

This might take a little while to come to you and may depend on your photographer and package you have purchased – this is an exciting prospect. Whether you go to the studio and work out an album with your photographer, or you get the digital files and spend time designing your own album. It can be a challenging and time consuming project, but something that is worth the time. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know how strongly I feel about great photos and these being some of the best memories, I think this is time well invested and I don’t know of anyone who has put time into a wedding album and been disappointed with the result.


Memory scrap book

It may take time for you to get your photos back from your photographer, some take a while and some seem to get them to you quite quickly, in the meantime you might want to get photos from your friends and family, and get bits and pieces from the ceremony. I did this as I wanted to have something to share with people and I knew it would take a while to get the final album from the photographer (there wasn’t the joy of digital photography back then, nor could I have a great instagram hashtag for people to check out photos from the day) so I used things like the order of service booklet, menus from the tables and photos from family and friends with different perspectives of our special day.

Sell off the things you no longer need

This can be a great way to keep busy and work out what things you want to keep and what you can live without. Especially if you have spent a lot of money on table decorations, you could sell it on eBay, or Gumtree, as a set or you could split it up and sell them separately.




Start to plan something new

Depending whether you went straight on your honeymoon or not you might like to plan a holiday or honeymoon (you can read about Honeymoon decisions I previously blogged about here). Otherwise you might want to plan a girls or boys weekend away or a weekend away with your husband or a bit of a reunion weekend with some friends you didn’t feel you spent enough time with since your wedding.  A big dinner party is a great alternative or something else you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Do you have any great post-wedding tips for people who feel a little ‘lost’ after their big day?

A big thank-you to Kirralee for the use of her lovely photos, check out the link to the blog about this wedding here.


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Bouquets are an important part of your wedding day. I cannot remember a time when I have been to a wedding and there hasn’t been a bouquet, or some kind of flowers that the bride has carried down the aisle.  However, the traditional bouquet is not as common and times and aesthetics change. Trends and fashions dictate what we choose in terms of colours and styles. If you think back or look at photos from the past, bouquets have changed dramatically. Again with all things wedding, it is much easier to have what you desire. Long gone are the traditional white bouquets with the distinct tear drop shape, brides now are spoiled for choice.

More and more brides are choosing to reflect their own personality, and lots of bouquets now consist of just one flower type or colour, and use different flowers for the bridesmaids to make the brides’ own flowers stand out more distinctly. I know that when I had my wedding, I only had red roses, I wanted them to stand out from the dress and have something a bit different. I love red roses and knew I would never have 50 of them at the one time perhaps ever again. I remember some people telling me that I should have white flowers as this was a traditional colour for bride’s bouquets.  I’m glad I could choose to be different and that they looked great in the photos. At a recent wedding I attended, all of the bridesmaids had gypsophila as the bride loved this flower and it looked really stunning and made the bride’s flowers really stand out.  Some brides are even choosing to have bouquets that have little or no ‘flowers’ or choose plants such as succulents, or feathers, or something even more original – I have seen suggestions for confectionary and origami bouquets.

175870_212475495555334_1449272977_o706157_212475468888670_1315461119_o 703904_212475452222005_1158576579_o 703819_212475578888659_859792905_o

Some newer popular trends are button and brooch bouquets. The good thing about these styles means if you are crafty you can make them yourself, and they are not something you will worry about on the day as these can be made in advance and made to match the style and the theme of your wedding. These materials are also popular mixed with traditional flowers, and an option if you don’t want to commit to an all brooch or button bouquet, but like the idea of something different and unique. The Internet is a great place to search for ideas on how to personalise your bouquet.

An interesting bridal bouquet I saw recently had a number of small photo frames attached of people that had passed away and is a great way to remember those cherished people in your ceremony and throughout the day. This is a great way to honour people who can’t be with you on your big day and is something I have blogged about in the past. Check out my blog on accessories with special meaning.

Ultimately like other aspects of your wedding, your bouquet is a great way to express who you are and show your individuality as a bride. Have what makes you happy and what you love. It is the one day where you can choose all of the things that you love. Why not let your bouquet speak for itself and let your personality shine through.

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Thanks again to Vision House Photography for these stunning photos, check out their website here, and don’t forget to go over to their facebook page and like it to keep up with all of their great photography.


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Accessories with Special Meaning

Do you have  something that is very dear to your heart? Maybe a locket that belonged to your Great Grandmother, or some of the original lace from your mothers wedding dress? It could be a fantastic idea to include them in some way in your ceremony. By repurposing older accessories it is a great way to have people included in your special day and a way to have them feeling close to you if they are no longer with you, or for some reason can’t be with you at your wedding. There are many different ways to use these old items in new and modern ways . If it is something that is beautiful like a brooch or a piece of jewellery you could have it pinned to your bouquet, as a feature on your own dress or as part of your hair accessories. I saw a lovely bag that was made from the lace of a brides mothers wedding dress.

Alternatively this could be a good opportunity to start some traditions of your own. If there is something that your mum, or mother-in-law-to-be had for her wedding day  you could use these things on your wedding day. It might be something that she would love you to borrow, but might not want to offer as she might not want to be an interfering mother or mother in law.

If there is a parent or grandparent that has passed away, it maybe nice to include them by pinning something into your dress that belonged to them so that you can carry it with you on your special day. I have a brooch that my best friend gave us to pin onto our bouquets for the day at her wedding. I now like to wear it sometimes when I perform ceremonies. Have you been to a wedding where they have included things like this?

Thanks to Kirralee for the amazing photos check out her blog here.


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