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Gifts and your wedding


I recently had a discussion about wedding gifts with a friend of mine with an upcoming wedding. She is quite determined not to receive any gifts from their guests; she feels that her loved ones travelling to celebrate her matrimony is a gift more precious than any object.

Gift giving at a ceremony can be delicate, as some couples can be very specific – often the bride and groom may even be hurt if no gifts are given, even if it is requested of the guests not to bring any presents. More and more, couples are having a wishing well wedding or a honeymoon registry, having lived together and in no need for another toaster or kettle. Some couples feel uncomfortable with the idea of setting up a registry.  The registry can be a balancing act, you need to choose a range of gifts varying in price so that the guests do not feel pressured to spend outside of their price range and there are enough options to choose from. However do you risk getting four new kettles?

If you do choose to have a wishing well at your ceremony you need to be aware that some guests may not be totally comfortable with giving cash, and some may not be in the best financial situation. If you decide on a wishing well, make sure you are wary of the way your word it on the invitation. Some I have come across in the past have not been worded carefully and could even been interpreted as greedy.

If you, like my friend, don’t feel like exploring any of these options, I suggest that you ask those who really insist on giving a gift if they might like to donate to a charity in your and your partners name. You made decide to select a few charities and let the guests decide which to donate to. Alternatively you could leave it to your guests to donate to a charity that means a lot to them, you may learn something new about your loved ones and this way it keeps both you and your guests inclined to giving gifts happy.

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