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Getting ready for your wedding together


For a long time now tradition has been that the Bride and Groom don’t see each other until they reach the ceremony site and are about to be married. Over the years there have been a few new ideas implying that this isn’t the way that it has to be. For example there are ‘first look’ photo shoots. Some people now choose to have their formal portraits done before the ceremony so that they don’t have to go off and have their photos taken between the ceremony and the reception. Sometimes Love letters before the ceremony also have the couple seeing each other before the ceremony takes place.

Some couples are now deciding that they will get ready together, not worry about tradition, and just get ready at the same venue. Alternatively getting ready where they will be staying that night, so there is no dragging bags from one place to another.
There are good and bad points for this, I think. One of the bad things would be that you miss out on that lovely time that you get to spend with the bridesmaids and groomsmen if you are having them. Some of the weddings that I have been involved in, where I have been a part of the bridal party or spending time with the bride before hand when she is getting ready, is always a lovely and fun experience. Getting make up done, eating fruit platters and generally enjoying each others company until the ceremony.

Maybe getting ready in your family home was important, you could always both get ready there and have photos taken around your family home especially if your partners family were not close by.
Another popular idea is having a house near or at the wedding location so that all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen can all get ready with you. This way you get the best of both worlds. It could be a great way to have all of the photos done before the wedding ceremony so that you don’t have to have all the between time where you go off and be photographed. You can just have fun and socialise with your guests.

Wedding-Photography-Wedding-at-Docklands-all-smiles-11 Wedding-Photography-Wedding-at-Docklands-all-smiles-12
Some people also feel that it is just such a big day, they know they will feel really nervous and overwhelmed that they just want to get ready with their partner. They know that they are going to be spending a large portion of the day with other people they just want some relaxing quality time with the person that the day is really all about.


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Saving your wedding cake


Saving  some of your wedding cake, usually the top tier, is a very old tradition. It was a tradition that began in  times when couples got married with the purpose of starting a family and couples would commonly have children as soon as possible.  The cake could be used around the couples’ first anniversary or when the child was to be christened. People also saved it and ate it together to celebrate special anniversaries.

I touched on this in my last blog, and  although I don’t know how popular this is now days, especially with all of the different types of cakes that people are having.  I’m also unsure of how easy some of these newly popular cakes are to freeze.  A lot of people are choosing not to have the traditional fruit cake, and many people are having cakes that they like, rather than a fruit cake because in the past maybe that was all that was available. If you are thinking about saving some of your wedding cake,  speak to the people making your cake as they will be able to advise you on the best type of cake to have, and ways to freeze your chosen cake.  Make sure that you give instructions to who ever is cutting your cake so that they do not cut into the portion you were planning to save on the day. There are all sorts of instructions on the internet on how to freeze cake successfully so you can also get some tips from there.

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So many people are having ‘naked’ wedding cakes, chocolate mud cakes, cupcakes and all sorts of things that reflect what they like and who they are. Rather than having the traditional cake just because it’s expected. (You can read one of my previous blogs about wedding cakes here)  If you are having a wedding cake that is somewhat traditional you can get the top tier made in fruit cake or a cake that freezes well. If you are having cupcakes or some smaller cakes, you may choose to have a cake that you pretend to cut for the photos and choose to save this or part of this cake.

If you are wanting to have your cake on your 1st or other special anniversary another option is to order a new cake from the same people that made your original cake, that way the cake is fresh . Then you are assured that it is going to taste good and you don’t have to order more cake than you actually need for your wedding day.

There are also some variations on saving the cake itself. You could start a new tradition, and save something else from the wedding instead. You could save some of the bonbonnerie that you have or maybe you could save some of the wine or champagne that you had on the day and open it on a special anniversary or at another special function to remind you of your special day.

Do you have any saved wedding cake triumphs or disasters to share?

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Speech order at your Reception


Speeches are a lovely part of the wedding celebration. It is a great time for guests to get to know the people speaking and generally learn something about the bride and groom that they didn’t already know. Traditionally, speeches are done after the main meal  and before the desert (if there is a sit down meal) but nowadays a lot of couples are deciding to break with tradition and do their speeches earlier in the night. As it can be quite a daunting thing for people who are not used to public speaking to be asked to be the centre of attention, it can sometimes make it easier on them if the speeches are out of the way early in the celebration. It also helps if some people are nervous drinkers as there is nothing worse than a rambling drunk speech, even if it is lovely and heartfelt, it just doesn’t seem as sincere if someone is quite obviously drunk.

By all means, break the tradition and change things up! It is entirely your day and I am always one for doing things the way that you want them and not how others dictate they be. But for the people who want to know, traditionally speech order is as follows:

Father of the Bride.

The Father of the Bride usually goes first, as in the past the brides family would traditionally pay for the wedding and generally invited a great portion of the guests to the wedding. Generally, the Father of the Bride would thank everyone for coming, tell the Bride how lovely she looks, and tell some stories from her childhood. He also welcomes the Groom into their family, give the couple some marital advice and most importantly makes a toast to the Bride and Groom.


The Groom usually responds to the Father of the Bride’s speech and thanks him for welcoming him into the family, thanks his parents for the formative years. He thanks people for helping with the wedding and all events leading up to the wedding, such as his bucks night or the hens night, he might say something lovely to his new Wife (everyone usually cheers the first time the Groom mentions his wife), thanks and makes a toast to the bridesmaids and other attendants of the bride, thank his attendants for the day, and lastly thank everyone for coming along.


The Best Man.

The Best Man generally compliments the Bride and Groom and give them well wishes for their life together. He will traditionally thank the Groom for asking him to be the best man, tell some humorous stories about the Groom, thank the hosts on behalf of all the guests, and sends well wishes from absent guests.

Traditionally, The Best Man’s speech is supposed to be funny, with care not to offend anyone, and has to say something heartfelt to the couple, which can be such a tall order and a lot to expect of someone if they are not particularly funny, or overly sentimental. This can often be hard for some people and if your best man isn’t going to be comfortable doing this or it is really not his strong point, it may be best to consider someone else close to the couple. One of the other Groomsmen might turn out to be a more appropriate choice, or perhaps a brother, or even another close friend or relative that is happy to be in the spotlight and will do the speech justice. On the other hand, don’t ask your Best Man to try to be funny if he is just a sweet heartfelt guy.

All this being said, there is no hard and fast rule about who should speak or when they should speak. It is now more common for a Bride to give a speech, and at some point for the Maid of Honour or all of the bridesmaids to do a combined speech. Sometimes Mum’s of the Bride or Groom want to say something too, and this can be nice if someone has passed away or the parents are separated and they want to have something to say about the newly married couple.

It is really important to let people know what order they will be speaking in and make sure they know who they are after as it allows for the reception to be smooth and the guests’ attention to be held. Have a list or running sheet for your MC, ask your speakers to try to limit the speech to 4-7 minutes, as there is nothing worse than a speech that goes for 15 minutes or longer.

Generally, for anyone giving a speech the best advice that you can give them is to speak slowly, clearly and speak from the heart.


Thank-you to Untamed Images for the use of their images on this weeks blog, check out their website here.

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