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Wedding day selfie


Will you be taking a wedding day selfie and uploading it to your instagram or facebook before your day is over? It is one of those things, people are either getting it done and up on social media between the ceremony and the reception, or they are waiting until the next day to share their pictures. Although I have conducted a few weddings that where not mentioned at all on social media, one in particular I remember seeing some photos a few weeks after the wedding. These photos were only there for a day or so and it looked like they were asked to remove them. It seemed as though the couple didn’t want any photos from their day shared on social media at all.

untamed-images-0092 untamed-images-0093 untamed-images-0087

What do you think when you are seeing a wedding being uploaded on social media? Especially when the couple share a selfie as soon as they are married, before they have finished their day? Do you wonder why they are on their phones as soon as they get a chance? Do you think great! I wanted to see something from their big day as soon as possible? Do you think it is a smart move getting in before someone else announces their own news?

untamed-images-0013 untamed-images-0102 untamed-images-0101

There are a lot of couples that impose a ban on uploading until they have done so, which as a celebrant I have been asked to mention at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. It seems like common sense to me, but then, all to often, common sense isn’t all that common. It makes me really cross when I see people announcing other people’s wedding news and baby news. I have previously blogged about Announcements on Social Media.

Social Media at your wedding is yet another thing that is totally up to the individual and having as little or as much of it incorporated into your day should be decided by you as a couple. What are your thoughts on social media during your day?


A big thank you to Untamed Images for the beautiful images on the blog this week. Check out their website and facebook pages here.

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Website for your big day


A wonderful idea that I saw done brilliantly recently is having a website for your big day. I have seen some couples do this and it provides great information on all kinds of things that your guests may need and want to know.  Recently I conducted the wedding of Nell and Glenn, and they had the best website. I only got to see it close to the day, but was absolutely blown away by what they, (or mainly Glenn, who is a website developer) had done.

It had everything that any guest could ever need to know, it had so much information and photos and quotes. I have seen other websites that compared to this, just seemed just thrown together. Rather than putting 12 different pages of information in with the invites, why not just direct your guests to a site that has everything they could need there?

Information about the venue.
What a great way to have some background on the venue itself, maps and anything else guests could want to know.

Information for the day.
This would be a great way to tell guests that confetti is not permitted at the venue or that you want an unplugged wedding. Its also a great time to share if you are using a wedding app, have some #hashtags, or if you want your wedding kept off social media.

Accommodation in the area.
This is such a great idea. Having all the information on accommodation that is close to the wedding is so that all guests, no matter if they were travelling from overseas or from an hour down the road, have links to the appropriate ones.

Getting to the venue.
Nell and Glenn had buses pick up some of their guests. Their site even had the timetable of when the buses would pick people up at specific locations. Maps, Melways references and all other helpful information.

Who to contact on the day should they need any assistance.
The last thing a bride or groom really want on the wedding day is people phoning them or texting them with all kinds of questions. Even if you don’t have a wedding planner, pick someone who can be that go to person.

RSVP options.
Have an option for them to RSVP online, people have good intentions but they don’t always get to the post office in time.

Added information about other events.
Are you having a brunch the next day or having people meet up for a coffee? This is a great way to supply all the guests with the information and with plenty of time for them to plan their weekend accordingly. Maybe you could put any hens day or bucks day information on their too. Really you could have anything on there!

Glenn said the things that worked well for them with their wedding website were:

  • the simple single page design made it all easy to see and find information
  • we added ‘getting there’ info to the top of the website a few weeks before the wedding
  • we ran an RSVP through the site and after experimenting with a fancy google forms solution I found the best way to record RSVPs was simply through providing an email address.
  • we got to re-use the wedding invite artwork in the site and included some of our engagement shoot photos

There are so many things that you could add to this, and so many ways to make this your own and match it all to the theme of your wedding. It is private too. If you are just giving the information to your guests, it isn’t like you are making a facebook event. It would be really hard to stumble onto the website by accident.

Check out the site that Nell and Glenn had here. And feel free to get in touch with Glenn by contacting him at glennnicoll@gmail.com if you have any questions or you are interested in having your own website made for your day.

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5 Tips to ensure you are the ideal wedding guest


There are a few things that you can do to be considered an ideal guest when attending a wedding. And there are things that you can do that can take the stress away from the couple and from a lot of other people.

1. RSVP on time.
Make sure that you RSVP by the date requested on the invitation and in the manner that they request you to. If they have an RSVP card, send that. If they request email, respond in that way. They are asking for it a certain way for a reason and speak up now about any dietary requirements.


2. Read the invitation.

Please  read the invitation and take notice of the things that it says. Take it with you if you won’t remember or think that it might be helpful. Take notice of all the important things, the time, the dress code, the venue of the ceremony and reception. Don’t message the Bride or one of the bridesmaids on the day asking any of these things!


3. Arrive close to the time that the ceremony will start.

I turn up at weddings early, that’s my job. There have been times when I arrive at the ceremony site, sometimes more than an hour before the ceremony is due to start, and there are guests there already. Don’t get there that early. Don’t stress out any vendors that are doing what they need to do before everything happens. Get there with enough time to get settled and allow a little time for traffic, but don’t get there way before. Don’t be late either. Don’t follow the Bride down the aisle, if you are late. Wait until you wont be noticed and sneak in. Or just don’t be late.


4. Don’t sit up the back.

If there are enough seats that it appears that everyone will be seated, make sure you sit. Also make sure that you don’t sit as far back as possible. Its a wedding, not a school bus. Obviously don’t sit in the front rows unless you are family. But don’t sit right at the back. There is nothing worse than a big gap of empty seats in the middle of the ceremony. The couple have paid money for you to sit in most of these circumstances. Also if there are only a limited number of chairs, don’t just sit down. Leave them for the elderly, disabled, and pregnant guests.


5. Respect the wishes of the couple.
If they ask for an unplugged wedding, put the camera/ phone down. I’ve blogged on a few occasions about unplugged weddings. Firstly, your phone should be on silent anyway, (this should be a no brainer) but if they have asked for no photos, don’t be that jerk who just takes them anyway. It’s their day, they should have the people that are attending respect their wishes. This also goes for social media. (and is just plain manners in my book) Don’t post photos to facebook or Instagram until the couple have, or they have provided you with a hashtag that they want you to use. How do you know if they want to share them with the world otherwise?


A big thank you again, to Love Journal Photography for the use of their images on the blog this week.  Visit their website by clicking here. Or follow them on facebook to see what they are up to.

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Great wedding photo App



I have previously blogged about Social Media and weddings, but at a wedding that I conducted in April (see that Blog here), Chloe and Sean used a fantastic wedding photo sharing app. I had heard about them before but never used one. It was really easy to find, download and sign up. It’s quite user friendly and had a layout that is a little bit like instagram.

They gave their guests a card at the ceremony that had all of the information on it. You could also set it up and send it out with your invitations. It sent me an email after I signed up, suggesting that you put up photos from hens days and other photos of the happy couple. This app is called Wedpics, and is available from the AppStore on your iphone.

I’ve written previously about phone apps and social media use at your wedding, but I think this is a great way to share your images amongst your guests and friends without everyone seeing them, especially people that are not invited to the wedding. Another wedding that I attended used a hashtag on instagram that all of the guests could use so that they could share and collect images.  Have you been to a wedding that had a great app or a way of sharing all of the photos from the big day?


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Turning off your phone for the wedding ceremony


There has been a bit of buzz around lately about couples asking their guests not to bring their phones to weddings. Some people don’t want others taking photos or risk the phones going off. Some people choose to put a ban on uploading files to social media sites for their big day. What do you think? Is this taking things too far? No phones at all? Can you really enforce this?


There are usually two camps on this theory and I have previously blogged about great ideas for using social media for those who choose to embrace it. However, I do understand the desire to have no photos uploaded.  I’m not too sure though about no phones at a wedding. What about the guest who has a 3 week old baby at home and this is the first time that they have left the baby at home? I don’t think they would be too fond of the idea and what about the people wanting to call a cab to get them from the ceremony to the reception. I think that a lot of people would just ignore the request.


On the other hand, it is not unreasonable to ask people to respect your wishes eg please turn the phone off during the ceremony and no photos to be taken. It is a definite way to make sure that people listen and pay attention. Your photographer would probably be happy that there won’t be lots of people jumping in the way when the bride is walking down the aisle. If you were going to ask for a blanket ban on photos at the wedding, you might want to think about making sure that you can make the professional photographers photos available to your guests as a lot of people want photos of these precious moments.

Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_003(pp_w654_h421) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_018a(pp_w654_h465) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_006(pp_w654_h461)

What do you think? Would you ban photos or phones at a wedding? Or been to a wedding where there was a ban in place?

Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_005(pp_w654_h412) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_004(pp_w654_h895)

Thanks again to Kirralee for the lovely photos on this weeks blog. Check out her website here and you can like her facebook page here.

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Announcements on Social Media


One of my pet peeves is when other people don’t let couples or new parents make their own announcement on social media. Not only is it rude, some people don’t take into consideration if the couple want their news shared with the world just yet, …. or ever.

Whether it is an Engagement, Wedding or the Birth of a child, I personally think that it is something that only the couple or the parents have the right to announce.

If a couple have gotten engaged, and you find this out, don’t go straight to facebook. Call them and congratulate them or text them, if you have their number it is nicer and more personal. If you really need to use facebook and they haven’t announced it, send them a private message. There may be a very good reason that they haven’t announced it on social media and it makes it awkward for them if they have to explain it to some people that found out by viewing their page.

_MG_1753 with detail extractor + bell_MG_1749_MG_1887

I have previously blogged about Social Media at your wedding, (you can read that blog here) and there are varied degrees about how much people want their wedding shared. I don’t think there is anything wrong with congratulating the couple, again once it is announced, but I always cringe when other people upload photos from the wedding before the couple do. Or don’t check with the couple first. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have conducted weddings where there was a ban on uploading to facebook. Another couple I conducted the wedding for over 2 years ago, still have none of their wedding photos on facebook to this day.

If you were lucky enough to find out via phone call, text or some other way, that a baby has been born, wonderful. Good for you! Just wait and let the people announce to others that their baby is born. Recently a lovely couple that I was lucky enough to marry, had their baby after much waiting past their due date. Every time I was on Facebook or instagram I would be looking for posts from them. I then saw a post from one of their friends, not only saying congratulations, (which if you really really have to just leave it at that) but announcing the name of the baby. I felt really annoyed. I wanted to hear it from the couple, and felt cross for them that they had something taken away from them. They went through it all, so I feel it is their news to tell.

I would have been more than angry if someone had announced that my son had been born, especially if they had announced his name to the world. It may seem trivial to some people but please, think before you post! Would you want someone posting this about you if it was your news or photos from your special day? Have you seen this on Social Media where someone has stolen someone else’s news? Has it happened to you?

_07A045811 _07A0546_07A9925 - bell filter

Thank-you to Betty and Keith from Untamed Images, for the beautiful photos on this blog, go over and like them on facebook, they post lots of great wedding photos, or you can go to their website by clicking here.

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Social Media at your Wedding


It is popular now to have a ban on Social Media at your wedding, I have seen stories on news programs, read about it in papers and even conducted weddings where the bride and groom have chosen to impose a ban on all social media for their big day. One article discusses how it takes away from your professional photographs. I don’t really agree as the moment people see their professional shots, if taken by a professional, will be thrilled with the results. But I can see the point of view that it is a moment in a couples lives they have chosen to share with a group of people, not the world and not friends of friends that just want to sticky beak. I think that if a couple choose to place a ban on sharing their pictures with the world, it is up to them, respect it and let it be something that they can share on social media if they choose to do so.

I can understand why people don’t want their wedding shared with people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Maybe they are shy, and maybe they feel that it is a sacred moment in their lives that they don’t wish to share with their best friend from works, Aunty Colleen.  There are a few ways that people are choosing to do this.  Some ask the celebrant to announce it during the introduction and to inform guests that they do not want the photos taken or shared on social media. It can be done at the start of the service, even before the bride has arrived, about the same time that guests are asked to ensure their mobile phones are switched to silent. Alternatively, the attendant giving out your order-of-service booklets can inform them, or get someone who needs a special job, someone not in your bridal party or maybe a niece or nephew go around and hand out little rolled up scrolls with some information about the ban.

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There is always a middle ground too. There is an App called “Wedding Party” you can set up and suggest your guests download (its free), and they can register and join the wedding. They can then post comments and photos to it, which is like a closed group on Facebook. My sister recently went to a wedding where they chose to use this option and she thought it was great as the bride and groom only had limited space at their reception, so a number of their friends missed out on that part of the day, but by using the App could see photos shared by the few people who attended the reception, and by others who used the app to notify if someone commented on a photo they had uploaded.

There is the other extreme too, where people want you to share their photos with the world.  I recently did a blog about Instagram use at a wedding and you can read that blog here. It was great too, and gives you an idea how much of your wedding you can choose to share on social media.

Would you love or hate having your photos posted on Facebook or Instagram or would you consider using an App for people invited so they could see your photos? Or put a blanket ban on all social media for your wedding day?


Thanks to Lauren from Purely Taken. Photography for the photos from this weeks blog. Check out her website here or her facebook page here.


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Facebook and your Wedding

In the digital age there are only a few people who I know who don’t have Facebook, Twitter or some form of social media. There are a few things that can make a wedding process less problematic. Just by realising that as much as people love social media, not all of them are thrilled about hearing your big news at the same time that the person you went to primary school with and haven’t seen for 14 years does. It is a good idea to let your family and close friends know before you change your relationship status to engaged, or post photos of the ring.

It is also a good idea to be careful how much you tell people on Facebook. It is all well and good, to announce things that you are doing, but be mindful  if there are some people that will feel left out it might not be fair to have it flashing on their newsfeed. There might be people that want to be invited to the kitchen tea, hens or bucks nights that are not invited, and the photos of those  occasions might cause you to get some unwanted grief whether it is directly or indirectly. Maybe for these events it would be good to create a group so that the people who were at the event can view the photos.

Be sure to make it clear that people still need to RSVP. I might be old fashioned on this one, but facebook to me is not acceptable RSVP-ing and if you agree with me and think that people should send their RSVP card to you or call you, don’t be tempted to complain on facebook that people have not replied to you about the wedding. Call them and ask. It also rubs salt into the peoples wounds who thought that they would be invited and haven’t been. I have heard a story about a full family feud starting about this exact problem, where certain members of a family weren’t invited. When the bride had a facebook status about how rude it was that people had not responded to the invite those who were not invited made quite a public display of how unhappy they were that they were not invited.

Most of us like to put our exciting news and fun photos on facebook, but thinking ahead about who is in your friends list and who might see what you are posting might make an already crazy stressful time that little bit easier.  Its ensures avoiding some messages or explaining that you don’t really want to and shouldn’t have to do. It is your day after all and you should be able to have fun and invite and not invite those who you choose.

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