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Website for your big day


A wonderful idea that I saw done brilliantly recently is having a website for your big day. I have seen some couples do this and it provides great information on all kinds of things that your guests may need and want to know.  Recently I conducted the wedding of Nell and Glenn, and they had the best website. I only got to see it close to the day, but was absolutely blown away by what they, (or mainly Glenn, who is a website developer) had done.

It had everything that any guest could ever need to know, it had so much information and photos and quotes. I have seen other websites that compared to this, just seemed just thrown together. Rather than putting 12 different pages of information in with the invites, why not just direct your guests to a site that has everything they could need there?

Information about the venue.
What a great way to have some background on the venue itself, maps and anything else guests could want to know.

Information for the day.
This would be a great way to tell guests that confetti is not permitted at the venue or that you want an unplugged wedding. Its also a great time to share if you are using a wedding app, have some #hashtags, or if you want your wedding kept off social media.

Accommodation in the area.
This is such a great idea. Having all the information on accommodation that is close to the wedding is so that all guests, no matter if they were travelling from overseas or from an hour down the road, have links to the appropriate ones.

Getting to the venue.
Nell and Glenn had buses pick up some of their guests. Their site even had the timetable of when the buses would pick people up at specific locations. Maps, Melways references and all other helpful information.

Who to contact on the day should they need any assistance.
The last thing a bride or groom really want on the wedding day is people phoning them or texting them with all kinds of questions. Even if you don’t have a wedding planner, pick someone who can be that go to person.

RSVP options.
Have an option for them to RSVP online, people have good intentions but they don’t always get to the post office in time.

Added information about other events.
Are you having a brunch the next day or having people meet up for a coffee? This is a great way to supply all the guests with the information and with plenty of time for them to plan their weekend accordingly. Maybe you could put any hens day or bucks day information on their too. Really you could have anything on there!

Glenn said the things that worked well for them with their wedding website were:

  • the simple single page design made it all easy to see and find information
  • we added ‘getting there’ info to the top of the website a few weeks before the wedding
  • we ran an RSVP through the site and after experimenting with a fancy google forms solution I found the best way to record RSVPs was simply through providing an email address.
  • we got to re-use the wedding invite artwork in the site and included some of our engagement shoot photos

There are so many things that you could add to this, and so many ways to make this your own and match it all to the theme of your wedding. It is private too. If you are just giving the information to your guests, it isn’t like you are making a facebook event. It would be really hard to stumble onto the website by accident.

Check out the site that Nell and Glenn had here. And feel free to get in touch with Glenn by contacting him at glennnicoll@gmail.com if you have any questions or you are interested in having your own website made for your day.

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Inviting some guests to the ceremony only


Would you consider inviting select guests to the ceremony only? Do you let them know that they are not invited to the reception or pretend like it is a ceremony only wedding? (I have blogged about Ceremony only weddings here if you want to read more about them)
I think this one is really tough and think that there are only a few situations that you can do this yet I still don’t really understand how you can do this without offending people. I know that on a few occasions my sister has been invited to the ceremony only part of a wedding. I remember thinking that it is was quite odd. It kind of feels like we like you, but not enough that we will pay for your meal.  The celebrant part of me gets it in a way. I’m used to attending just the ceremony of a wedding, and to me the ceremony is the wedding. The party afterwards is the gravy, awesome and great fun. I love the celebration, but if there isn’t a reception, the couple are still married.

I have heard that people want to invite all the people from their church or work group to come along to the ceremony but not invite them to the wedding. I wonder though, do people feel that if they are invited to the ceremony should they be invited to the reception. I’m not sure how you would word this on the invitation and how do you keep track of the RSVP’s? Is a gift expected if you don’t get an invite to the reception? It is all a bit confusing for me.

We had people come to our wedding because they wanted to come to the ceremony and we hadn’t invited them. One of my uncle’s drove trucks and made sure that he drove through Mildura on my wedding day so he could see it. It was a lovely surprise. We didn’t really mind if people came to the ceremony, but our reception venue only held 50 people. I did have one of my relatives ring me up and ask why they weren’t being invited to the wedding at all. Once I said that there was only space for 50 guests, they suggested that I change the venue and have it catered by another relative. I replied that this was where I had my heart set on and that I wasn’t changing it. They said that they wanted to be a part of my special day, despite not having seen me for a number of years. I suggested that they could come over when I was in my track suit and we could have a special day together. This didn’t really go over too well. I then mentioned that we were having a BBQ the following day at my in-laws house and, if they wanted to, they could attend that. If they would like, they were more than welcome to come to the ceremony. Funnily enough, they didn’t come to either and I’ve probably seen them twice in the 16 years that I have been married. What I’m trying to say is that unless someone asked me, or questioned where their invite was, I didn’t think to invite people just to the ceremony, only as I’m not sure how I would feel if someone asked me to so that.

The only experience that I have had with a similar thing to this, was one of my work colleges had their wedding in their home on a Friday and that was a really small intimate affair where they had a ceremony and a lovely sit down meal with about 15 of their immediate family. The night after they had a finger food reception in a basement of a pub and it was fantastic. I get this that sometimes you want to have just a really intimate ceremony and then a party with all the people that you couldn’t invite to the small affair.  My best friend did the same thing, (you can read all about her wedding renewal of vows here), where a select group of family and friends came on the boat journey for the ceremony and a lunch and  then everyone met up for a huge awesome party at the end. I can see why people might want to do things like this and just have the ceremony small and intimate. I’m just not sure that I understand when people do it the other way around.
What do you think? Would you be offended and not go to the wedding, if you were only invited for the ceremony? Do you think that if people are invited to the ceremony that they should be invited to the wedding?


A big thank you to Untamed Images for the use of their beautiful images on the blog this week. You can see their website by clicking here. Or view their facebook page too.

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More stunning wedding invitations


I recently received this wedding invitation – I love it! I am quite excited to see what the theme of the decorations will be. I know that the bride has been very busy making decorations for the venue – the invites have all been handmade.

I love the natural look of the hessian fabric and the colour scheme the bride has chosen; I think the blues work very well with the orange and the yellow.  I’m not sure if they are lovebirds on the invitation, however whenever I see any type of bird on a wedding invite I always think of lovebirds.  I really like the way that all the information on the invite is clear and concise. The RSVP is clear and states ‘kindly reply’ for guests who may not know what RSVP stands for. Check out my blog here about RSVP’s.

Watch this space for my blog about their big day.


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One thing that many couples often have problems with is guests replying to their invitations. I happened to me when I sent out my invitations and to most couples I have spoken with. There are some preventative measures that you can take.

1. Send a response card, accompanying your invitations.    

Sending a response card is a great way to try and get people to reply and to find out certain dietary requirements. One invitation I received asked the guests what song they would like to hear at the reception, a good way to get a response. I remember thinking long and hard about the answer, it’s one RSVP card that definitely got sent back. Sending the response card back is a good gesture, especially when the bride and groom have gone to the trouble to include it with the invitation. It is a good idea to include an email address and/or phone number with the invitation too, so that people have the choice to RSVP through alternative means.

2. Give yourself time between the RSVP date and the date your venue needs guest numbers.

This not only allows time for the post, which can sometimes be slow, but also for people who forget and send it back at a later date. This also leaves time if you need to call people who have failed to respond, alternatively you can have your Mum or  Maid/Matron of Honour to call and ask if they will be attending.


3. Make things clear.

As odd as it may seem, some people may not know what RSVP means, you can use another phrase such as: please respond by (date) or the favour of a reply is requested by (date). This will make your intent for a response from all guests crystal clear.

4. Send your invites at the appropriate time. 

Send your invites 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding, most couples send out a save the date card at an earlier time. Don’t send the invitation too early, as people will forget to reply – with the exception of a destination wedding; you will need to give your guests much more time to make travel and accommodation arrangements. This will give your guests a long enough period to arrange time off work. You should also leave a longer time between RSVP and wedding dates, as more plans in regards to venues for the ceremony and reception need to be made in advance.

Do you have any tips to help ensure that people respond to a wedding invitation?


Thank-you to Vision House Photography for the photos on this blog. Check out there website here. Or have a look here at their blog it has lots of other great photos too.


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