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Wonderful way to make sure your guests RSVP

pre-wedding-photography-in-Melbourne-Australia-11Having people RSVP, on time or at all, is a real problem. I’ve blogged before about RSVPs and people not turning up on your wedding day.

I recently heard about a genius way to make sure that guests RSVP to your wedding. Don’t give all of the information on your invitation! As strange as this may sound. Leave the important details off, the address of the ceremony or the function center details for the reception, or both. People will have to contact you or whomever you choose to get further details about attending the wedding.


Make sure that you have worked out how you want this information then given later. There are many ways that this can be done.

You could set up a website that is provided to the people that RSVP via an email or a text message so that you can have all of the information ready to go. I’ve blogged before about having a website with information for the guests, you can read it here. You don’t even have to monitor that yourself, you can always have a bridesmaid or one of your family members who is wanting to help be in charge of getting all of the RSVP emails sent to them.

You could send out a second paper invitation or information sheet to them if you prefer the snail mail option. You could have some fun with this by having creative invitations sent as the first invite with the ‘RSVP for more information’.  You could have a video invitation, like Leah and Mark had, that had a second part sent as a link when people responded. My friend had tea towels printed for her wedding invite, you could send something like that out and then send out a second one with all the relevant information on them once you received the initial interest from the guests. Again, this is a way that you can ‘theme’ your wedding to your personalities and you are only limited by your imagination, and time and budget!


There are so many great ways that you could use this idea to your advantage. Do you think that this is a good way to get guests to respond?

A very big thank you to Love Journal Photography for the use of their images on this weeks blog. Check out their website and have a look at their facebook to see all their latest work.


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Awesome Invitations


For those who are frequent readers of my blog, you will know how much I love a good invitation.



Friends of mine Tom and Scarlett were married in August this year, (blog about their wedding is coming soon) and they had some very creative invitations. I wanted to wait until the wedding had happened before I showed off the invitation so that nothing was omitted from these fantastic invites and you could see them in all their amazing, and some might say slightly nerdy, glory. Just my style!



Check out all of the great details even on the RSVP cards.
Now you can look forward to reading the blog about their beautiful wedding day.

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Guests that don’t turn up on the day of your wedding


I recently saw an article about a bride who sent bills to all of the guests that didn’t turn up to her wedding. I spent some time reading through all of the comments that were under the article. There were lots of people that agreed and a lot who didn’t. But really, can you send a bill because someone doesn’t turn up? What do you think?
I have perviously blogged about being sick on someone’s wedding day and believe that sometimes these things can’t be helped. But what about those people that just don’t show up? A couple or a family of people? What do you do then? I had quite a small wedding and there was one person who RSVP’ed that they were coming and didn’t show up. Of course we were hurt and upset, but it wasn’t the end of the world. If they had of said they couldn’t make it we would have been disappointed and we wouldn’t have had to pay for their meal. However not for a moment did I think that they owed me what it cost for the meal.

New-Zealand-South-Island-Pre-wedding-Photography-04 New-Zealand-South-Island-Pre-wedding-Photography-03
I’m not sure how you can word this kind of ‘bill’ and really is it worth your friendship over the price of a meal. It might be a funny thing to send if you didn’t particularly like the person but then I’m not sure why they were on the guest list to begin with. If you are that keen to write of the friendship or lack there of then maybe do it before the wedding and save yourself the time, money and looking like a crazy person. If I got a bill for not turning up to someone’s wedding, even though I think that is rude, you can bet if I would be talking about it to my friends, family and colleagues. I don’t know if I would have put it all up on facebook, but I’m sure a lot of people I know would know about it!
What do you think? Is the cost of someones meal worth kicking up all of that fuss and potentially loosing a friend, or do you think that if someone doesn’t show up on one of the most important days of your life that they should pay?



A big Thank you to Love Journal Photography for their images this week, check out their work on their website, or follow them on facebook.

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Website for your big day


A wonderful idea that I saw done brilliantly recently is having a website for your big day. I have seen some couples do this and it provides great information on all kinds of things that your guests may need and want to know.  Recently I conducted the wedding of Nell and Glenn, and they had the best website. I only got to see it close to the day, but was absolutely blown away by what they, (or mainly Glenn, who is a website developer) had done.

It had everything that any guest could ever need to know, it had so much information and photos and quotes. I have seen other websites that compared to this, just seemed just thrown together. Rather than putting 12 different pages of information in with the invites, why not just direct your guests to a site that has everything they could need there?

Information about the venue.
What a great way to have some background on the venue itself, maps and anything else guests could want to know.

Information for the day.
This would be a great way to tell guests that confetti is not permitted at the venue or that you want an unplugged wedding. Its also a great time to share if you are using a wedding app, have some #hashtags, or if you want your wedding kept off social media.

Accommodation in the area.
This is such a great idea. Having all the information on accommodation that is close to the wedding is so that all guests, no matter if they were travelling from overseas or from an hour down the road, have links to the appropriate ones.

Getting to the venue.
Nell and Glenn had buses pick up some of their guests. Their site even had the timetable of when the buses would pick people up at specific locations. Maps, Melways references and all other helpful information.

Who to contact on the day should they need any assistance.
The last thing a bride or groom really want on the wedding day is people phoning them or texting them with all kinds of questions. Even if you don’t have a wedding planner, pick someone who can be that go to person.

RSVP options.
Have an option for them to RSVP online, people have good intentions but they don’t always get to the post office in time.

Added information about other events.
Are you having a brunch the next day or having people meet up for a coffee? This is a great way to supply all the guests with the information and with plenty of time for them to plan their weekend accordingly. Maybe you could put any hens day or bucks day information on their too. Really you could have anything on there!

Glenn said the things that worked well for them with their wedding website were:

  • the simple single page design made it all easy to see and find information
  • we added ‘getting there’ info to the top of the website a few weeks before the wedding
  • we ran an RSVP through the site and after experimenting with a fancy google forms solution I found the best way to record RSVPs was simply through providing an email address.
  • we got to re-use the wedding invite artwork in the site and included some of our engagement shoot photos

There are so many things that you could add to this, and so many ways to make this your own and match it all to the theme of your wedding. It is private too. If you are just giving the information to your guests, it isn’t like you are making a facebook event. It would be really hard to stumble onto the website by accident.

Check out the site that Nell and Glenn had here. And feel free to get in touch with Glenn by contacting him at glennnicoll@gmail.com if you have any questions or you are interested in having your own website made for your day.

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5 Tips to ensure you are the ideal wedding guest


There are a few things that you can do to be considered an ideal guest when attending a wedding. And there are things that you can do that can take the stress away from the couple and from a lot of other people.

1. RSVP on time.
Make sure that you RSVP by the date requested on the invitation and in the manner that they request you to. If they have an RSVP card, send that. If they request email, respond in that way. They are asking for it a certain way for a reason and speak up now about any dietary requirements.


2. Read the invitation.

Please  read the invitation and take notice of the things that it says. Take it with you if you won’t remember or think that it might be helpful. Take notice of all the important things, the time, the dress code, the venue of the ceremony and reception. Don’t message the Bride or one of the bridesmaids on the day asking any of these things!


3. Arrive close to the time that the ceremony will start.

I turn up at weddings early, that’s my job. There have been times when I arrive at the ceremony site, sometimes more than an hour before the ceremony is due to start, and there are guests there already. Don’t get there that early. Don’t stress out any vendors that are doing what they need to do before everything happens. Get there with enough time to get settled and allow a little time for traffic, but don’t get there way before. Don’t be late either. Don’t follow the Bride down the aisle, if you are late. Wait until you wont be noticed and sneak in. Or just don’t be late.


4. Don’t sit up the back.

If there are enough seats that it appears that everyone will be seated, make sure you sit. Also make sure that you don’t sit as far back as possible. Its a wedding, not a school bus. Obviously don’t sit in the front rows unless you are family. But don’t sit right at the back. There is nothing worse than a big gap of empty seats in the middle of the ceremony. The couple have paid money for you to sit in most of these circumstances. Also if there are only a limited number of chairs, don’t just sit down. Leave them for the elderly, disabled, and pregnant guests.


5. Respect the wishes of the couple.
If they ask for an unplugged wedding, put the camera/ phone down. I’ve blogged on a few occasions about unplugged weddings. Firstly, your phone should be on silent anyway, (this should be a no brainer) but if they have asked for no photos, don’t be that jerk who just takes them anyway. It’s their day, they should have the people that are attending respect their wishes. This also goes for social media. (and is just plain manners in my book) Don’t post photos to facebook or Instagram until the couple have, or they have provided you with a hashtag that they want you to use. How do you know if they want to share them with the world otherwise?


A big thank you again, to Love Journal Photography for the use of their images on the blog this week.  Visit their website by clicking here. Or follow them on facebook to see what they are up to.

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Staying calm before your big day


Your wedding day is a huge event and as the day draws closer it can all become quite overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s just just because there is so much to do, or because you feel that every time you cross something off your to do list you realise that you have another 2 or 3 things that need to go onto your list.

It is really important that you don’t let it the worry or stress get the better of you. Make sure that you ask the people around you for help where you can, but also remember that sometimes you need a break from it all;  and time to just have some fun.  In the lead up to your wedding, it can feel like all you do, think and talk about is all about the wedding.  Maybe try to have a night out with the girls and make a pact with each other that you will not talk about wedding things; do something fun, silly even, make sure that you have a chance to laugh and forget about all of the pressures that are associated with planning a wedding. Another idea might be to head to a day spa or just watch movies in your pyjamas and have a relax together.

_07A4328colbw _07A4085

For some people, it is a great time to plan a wedding free weekend, to go away just you and your fiancé and to go somewhere that you have always wanted to go. A weekend away from RSVP cards and table decorations with plenty of time to just get away and spend some time alone. Try not to have too many set plans, sleep in, get breakfast in bed and just enjoy each others company.

All of the planning soon will all be over and you won’t have all of the pressure of the big day looming over you. Enjoy yourself and re charge your batteries, it could be just what you need so that when you are back on the organising the wedding band wagon, you won’t feel like it has been going on forever.


Do you have any tips to share, on great ways to relax before someones a wedding or other big event?

Thank you again to Untamed Images for the use of their images on this weeks blog. Check out their website here, or go and like them on facebook  here.


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Sick on someones wedding day

Myra twirl copy

Has this ever happened to you or your significant other, being sick on someones wedding day? It recently happened to me when my husband fell very ill on the day of my friends wedding. He had some sort of bug or food poisoning that had him up violently ill all through the night and most of the morning.

I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what to do. Do I ring or text the bride? Is there someone else that I should let know? I had a little bit of a look online for an answer but this just confused me more as there were forums and all sorts of blogs about being sick with time to spare, but nothing about falling ill on the day (or through the night before).

I think it depends on who the bride is as to what you should do, and how far in advance that you become sick. One of my other friends that I sat with at the wedding was unwell too, but just had  a flu and decided that feeling a little bit off colour wasn’t going to keep her away from the big day of one of our very special friends. I ultimately decided that my friend that was getting married would be stressed out enough getting ready for her big day, and that it probably wouldn’t affect too badly that my husband was ill so I would tell her at the wedding. I knew she would be concentrating on what she needed to do for the day, and also isn’t one of those people that would let it bother her either. It wasn’t like she could invite someone else on such short notice or let the venue know and take his meal off the cost of the reception. I think that it is something that there is no hard and fast rule for, but I also think it is important to consider what kind of person your friend is too. Some people would want to know before the wedding as that is just the kind of people that they are, then you should call or text them on the day.

Scarfe Img525

I think it also depends on what kind of sickness you are affected by. Food poisoning or vomiting isn’t something I want to be around at a celebration and wouldn’t want that person to come to my wedding if they were suffering. I think if you have a little cold, then you shouldn’t let that keep you away from the wedding that you have already RSVPed to. That is just plain rude. If it is something that might happen like the upcoming arrival of a baby or a family member is gravely ill, make sure that the couple that are getting married know about this in advance and if you are a no show to their big day they will know why.

If you know in advance that you or your partner or someone else in your invited group will be too sick to attend and there is enough time for the bride and groom to invite someone whom they may not have originally had space to invite before or let the venue know to reduce the numbers on the day so that they will not have to pay for the person, then you should absolutely do so.

Has this ever happened to you and what did you do? What would you want your guests to do in this situation?


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