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I recently blogged about bouquets, (you can read that blog here) but neglected to mention the Boutonnieres. These are something that don’t really get too much attention, just something that goes along, part and parcel of the men’s suits. It is almost expected that he will just have a flower of some sort and no one gives it much more thought than that.

Here is another great opportunity for you to express your individuality on your day. If you are happy to have a flower for your boutonniere, by all means have one.  It is quick and easy to organise especially if the bride is having a floral bouquet.  It isn’t hard for these to be ordered at the same time. This is another great way to move away from tradition and put some of your own personal spin on your outfit. It is also a small enough component to the wedding that you don’t need to worry that it is going to take a lot of attention away from other aspects of your big day.


Some things that you could think about would be dependant on what kind of theme you were having. Something quite lovely would be for a vintage theme would be to have an old key, to symbolise that the bride holds the key to your heart, you could also attach a little vintage lock to the brides bouquet to ‘match’  the theme. You could have feathers or some other type of adornment, medals of someone close to you or just a cog from a part of a machine that is something that you work on or that represents something close to your heart.

One thing that I thought would be great for those geeks like me who are into all things video games, Star Wars and comic books, is  you could have a lego character of your favourite comic book  hero or Star Wars character attached to your lapel.  I think it would be really cool to have little figures of all different Bounty Hunters for each Groomsman, or to all have Spiderman, Batman and Superman lego men pinned onto your lapels to show off a bit of your personalities. You could choose to have Luke Skywalker, a Darth Vader, a Yoda and a Darth Maul, depending on who you preferred, they could also match in with some nerdy cufflinks too.  These things could also be combined with a floral arrangement if you still want to keep with tradition but put some of your personality in the mix too.


Do you have any great ideas or know of anyone who has showcased their personality through some part of the wedding that is out of the ordinary?

Thank you to Zoe from The Wedding Photo,  for the beautiful photos for this weeks blog. Check out the website here.

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