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Hens and Bucks


A large number of people that I speak to are not too fond of the ‘traditional’ Hens and Bucks nights. I don’t blame them. You have all heard stories about Bucks and Hens nights that have gone horribly wrong and this make everyone nervous. Grooms ending up on the other side of the state after being handcuffed to the inside a train. The Groom and best man having their eyebrows shaved off. Or even worse, breaking an arm or leg and being in plaster for the wedding day! All horror stories, but I’m sure that you all know at least one person who has been a part of a similar story.

Adult entertainment evenings make most people cringe. I have been invited to Hens party’s that have seemed so seedy, I would rather have scrubbed my shower with a toothbrush than attend! Not all Hens and Bucks need to be like this. In my opinion, this should be a time spent with your close friends before your big day. It should, like all things that go along with your wedding, reflect your personality. It should be something fun that will provide you with wonderful memories with your friends. It may be a winery tour, golf day, paint ball adventure, laser tag, day spa afternoon, a weekend in a beach house with spectacular views. It really doesn’t have to be something that makes your friends or partner cringe. It should be something that you want to do, but everyone can enjoy.

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Do think about the people that you want there too. You may want to have a weekend at the beach house with the day spa as well. Keep in mind that not everyone that you invite can afford to do all of the things that you want to do. Make it easy for them to join in some of the activity so that they do not have to miss out if they cannot afford to do all the things that you are doing. Perhaps arrange a lovely dinner or brunch if some guests can only commit to some of the time required.  For example, If you are having a winery tour and people can’t make the whole thing, let them know which winery you are finishing at so they can meet you there for a meal.  Sometimes not everyone can walk the 18 holes of golf but may want to catch up for a beer and bbq in the evening.

Some people would also prefer not to make this time strictly a girls or guys time of the wedding celebrations. You can choose to have a day where you have all of your friends together doing something fun. It doesn’t have to be as structured as a traditional Bucks or Hens. Why not spend a day at the local bowls club, or hire a houseboat with a stack of your friends.

Do you have any suggestions or did you or one of your friends have a Hens or Bucks day that was just something different and fantastic fun?


Thanks again to Betty and Keith from Untamed Images for their stunning photos this week. Go to their website here and facebook here.

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Staying calm before your big day


Your wedding day is a huge event and as the day draws closer it can all become quite overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s just just because there is so much to do, or because you feel that every time you cross something off your to do list you realise that you have another 2 or 3 things that need to go onto your list.

It is really important that you don’t let it the worry or stress get the better of you. Make sure that you ask the people around you for help where you can, but also remember that sometimes you need a break from it all;  and time to just have some fun.  In the lead up to your wedding, it can feel like all you do, think and talk about is all about the wedding.  Maybe try to have a night out with the girls and make a pact with each other that you will not talk about wedding things; do something fun, silly even, make sure that you have a chance to laugh and forget about all of the pressures that are associated with planning a wedding. Another idea might be to head to a day spa or just watch movies in your pyjamas and have a relax together.

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For some people, it is a great time to plan a wedding free weekend, to go away just you and your fiancé and to go somewhere that you have always wanted to go. A weekend away from RSVP cards and table decorations with plenty of time to just get away and spend some time alone. Try not to have too many set plans, sleep in, get breakfast in bed and just enjoy each others company.

All of the planning soon will all be over and you won’t have all of the pressure of the big day looming over you. Enjoy yourself and re charge your batteries, it could be just what you need so that when you are back on the organising the wedding band wagon, you won’t feel like it has been going on forever.


Do you have any tips to share, on great ways to relax before someones a wedding or other big event?

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