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Not walking down the aisle

Some people don’t like the idea of walking down the aisle. I’ve previously blogged about walking down the aisle, and timing when walking down the aisle and have some ideas there about what you different things you can have.  What can you do if you really don’t want to walk down the aisle? Some people don’t like the idea of walking down in front of all of those people, or having all of the attention on them at that time. Some people don’t like the idea of being ‘given away’ or have to decide who they would ask to do that for them.

Some venues don’t have a traditional aisle and you don’t necessarily need to walk down one. Other times you just simply don’t want to. There is no rule to this obviously so you can really do whatever you like. Other than big grand gestures like arriving at your wedding in a helicopter or being jet skied to the ceremony spot, there are so many ways you can get to the ceremony spot. I have conducted a few weddings where the bride has arrived to the ceremony in a boat, but on those occasions they still walked down an aisle as such.

One option is, depending on the venue, is to have both the bride and groom arrive together, this is a great idea if you want to have your photos taken before the ceremony or decide on a first look photo shoot. You could enter together down the aisle or some venues have a side door that you could come through together once all of your guests are seated and ready. This is a great alternative if you don’t like everyone looking at you, or you’re just not that keen on it being all about the bride, or that the normal wedding traditions are not really your thing.

You could decide to both be at the venue and greet your guests as they arrive if you don’t like the idea of a grand entrance.  This could be a lot less pressure but you would also want to make sure that you allowed time before the actual start of the ceremony. You could set the time so that you had time before the ceremony for people to mingle and if you wanted you could even have some drinks and canapes before,  obviously this would depend on the venue and always be mindful to the  the fact that people might be a little less likely to like being round up for the actual ceremony once the ‘celebration’ side of the wedding starts. This is a lovely casual way to begin the ceremony and takes the pressure off. It is certainly for people who want to break with tradition and aren’t too fussy about the day going to a well planned schedule. That being said people know why they are there and there are ways to give people the message that the ceremony is about to begin.


You could be at the ceremony site and let the guests enter, so keep them out of the area or venue until you are ready for them all to be ushered into the space. This way you can have photos taken in the space or just make sure that you are ready to begin, this might not work so well if you are outdoors in a park as people will not be kept away as well as if you have your ceremony in a little chapel and keep the doors closed until you are ready to let them in for the ceremony. This could be really lovely and a great way to make sure that everyone is ready to go. A lovely way to spend some time with your bridal party, especially if you are going to all be inside for a while waiting for all of the guests to arrive and you don’t want to be seen by any of them.

Did you enter your wedding in a creative way or have you been to a wedding that had a wonderful alternative to walking down the aisle?

Thank you to Kirralee for the use of her images on this blog, check out more of her work here or find her facebook page by clicking here.



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Cheese cakes


A lot of couples are changing things up when it comes to wedding cakes. It is not unusual to have a cake made entirely out of cheese.  What a great way to put more of ‘you’ and your own personality into your wedding. If you’re not really into cake or for some reason you can’t eat it, it’s an especially good idea. Cheese cakes are making an appearance at more and more weddings.


Which isn’t a bad thing if you are a lover of cheese like me. What a great idea to do if you are having your reception at a winery. The chosen cheeses could be paired with the wines that the winery offered. Lots of the cheese cakes that I have seen have all sorts of fruits that compliment the cheeses. They look lovely with all the figs, grapes and apples as well as flowers to decorate them.


It could also be a great way to provide guests with nibbles while they are waiting between the ceremony and the reception. Not only does it look great it, it gives people a choice and can be easier than having someone handing out nibbles and canapés. A good solution if you are doing a bit of a do it yourself wedding. Or even an idea for a small celebration wedding. There are pages and pages of inspiration on the internet and pintrest has thousands. I found a great article with tips for creating your own cheese cake here.


My best friend had a cheese wedding cake at her wedding. We celebrated the ceremony on a paddle steamer that took us to a winery for our lunch and on the way to the winery there was a fantastic cheese cake for people to enjoy. If you haven’t read it before you can read about Emily and Jules’ day by clicking here.

Have you been to a wedding where the couple chose to have a cheese cake? Would you happily forgo the standard cake for one?


All images found on Pintrest.


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Suzy and Matt

Suzy & Matt 16 Suzy & Matt 22

Suzy and Matt had their wedding at Zealandia: The Karori Sanctuary Experience. Which is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary just outside of Wellington, in New Zealand.  They were officially married on the Wednesday before their wedding day, due to me being an Australian Civil Celebrant I wasn’t able to officially marry them. So they had a small legal ceremony with their families present a few days before and got all of the legal stuff done and out of the way. I have known both Suzy and Matt for about 6 years and knew them before they became a couple so they thought that it was only fitting that I should be the one that did their wedding ceremony. I was honoured when they asked me and thought  they may change their mind once they knew that they would have to get all of the legalities done by someone else, and that it might just be too much trouble, but they were determined that I would be the one to do their ceremony, and I am so glad that they did.  I had a wonderful time, and felt so happy to be a part of their day, again I cannot explain how lovely it is for me to help two people that I know quite well, exchange promises in front of all of their family and friends.

Suzy & Matt 13Suzy & Matt 15 Suzy & Matt 14Suzy & Matt 17

They met at their workplace through their mutual love of Photography and their love of music. Matt had asked Suzy to teach him to play some songs on the guitar.  Suzy remembers with amusement Matt declaring his interest during and Arnold Schwarzenegger movie one night, She also recalls spending their first date in an ER because she had dislocated her shoulder whilst removing a piece of clothing. That same night  Matt got food poisoning from the dinner he ate at the pub earlier in the evening and spent the whole night dashing to the bathroom. It did look suspicious when they both called into work sick the next day.  Suzy remembers them going  to Wellington for their first holiday together. She remembers injuring her back and how Matt came to the hospital everyday to sit with her and entertain her as soon as the hospital opened and stayed until they kicked him out.  Matt also remembers this time and knew that this was when he was in love with Suzy, instead of seeing the beautiful sights of New Zealand, he was sitting by her side, helping her use a bed pan, and he really didn’t mind.

The wedding was on a lovely Wellington day in March, Suzy and her 4 beautiful attendants all arrived on a lovely little boat and made their way to the beautiful little section of the park where the ceremony was being held. Matt and his 5 groomsmen waited patiently for their arrival. I will never forget the moment that Matt got to see Suzy for the first time. She looked fantastic in her 40’s inspired dress with her beautiful hair style and a stunning birdcage veil.

Suzy & Matt 27 Suzy & Matt 26 Suzy & Matt 21

After the ceremony the 70 ish guests were treated to drinks and canapés by the lake and could take a scenic boat ride down the lake while the newly married couple were off having their photographs taken. Shortly after all of the guests were ushered into the beautiful  Rata Cafe that was all set up with some of the most lovely table decorations that you have seen. They had a lovely little cake that matched the wildlife theme of the day and so many little cupcakes so that those who wanted to eat cake could do so.

It was a wonderful evening full of dancing and great conversation, with guests from all over the world. I don’t think that I have been to a wedding for a long time that had so many people from so many different countries in the one place. I met some truly wonderful people, that were so lovely. In an amazing, wonderful country that I already want to go back to again.

Suzy & Matt 18Suzy & Matt 19Suzy & Matt 21
Thank-you to Amy Schultz for the stunning photos from Matt and Suzy’s wonderful day. Check out her website here. Like her on facebook too, click here for her page. If you are in Wellington, check out Zealandia it is a beautiful place. You can look at their website here.
Suzy & Matt 28


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