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6 Creative ways to ask your attendants to be part of your wedding party

People are coming up with some amazing and very creative ways of asking their attendants to be a part of their wedding. I have seen so many wonderful ideas that I thought that I should share some of them with you.

1.  Personalised labels.

You can personalise a bottle of wine with your own label. Take the style of theirs, or your, favourite drink and make it your own. Friends of mine replaced the ‘brand’ label in a similar style to the original and made a huge statement. The bottles looked amazing and they kept all the fonts and the layout the same as the original. You could make chocolate bar wrappers too or put labels around a soap or perfume bottle. This, like so many things, can reflect your tastes or reflect some of the favorite things that your bridal party may love.

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2. Creative Crossword.
This can be a bit of fun, and could be a great laugh if you planned to ask your girls over a lunch or some cheeky wines. You could make them up yourself or can go online and find a crossword generator to do the work for you.

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3. Jewellery.
There are so many great little jewellery pieces that can be ordered online or visit Pinterest to get a heap of ideas about what you can do with jewellery. You could use jewellery that you want them to wear on the day or just a small little necklace that they could wear everyday. You could use pop rings and ‘pop the question’ to your bridal party.

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4. Funky poem all wrapped up.
I’ve seen some really great ideas with a little poem and bits of lego, nail polish, cakes. The ideas are endless. If you are stuck all you have to do is a quick google search and you  have hundreds of examples at your fingertips.

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5. A puzzle.
This could be anything from a puzzle that you order on line, decorate yourself or you could send them on a clue hunt type adventure.


6. A memory scrapbook or memory box.
If you are a particularly sentimental person, or if someone has been your friend for a long time, this is a thoughtful way that you could ask your attendants to be part of your wedding. With photos and personal jokes, you could make it funny or heartfelt. It would be something that they could keep for years to come too.

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There are so many ways you can be creative with this and just yet another way that you can reflect your own personality and even tie it into the themes that you have for your wedding. With so many ideas online there’s so much inspiration to make this special moment just the way that you want it to be.

All images from Pintrest


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Exchanging Wedding day gifts

Deborah & Andrew685

What do you think about couples exchanging gifts with one another on their wedding day? I think it has been something that has been done for years. I’m not totally sure how I feel about it all. I like the idea of a gift, but with all of the other craziness that goes along with the wedding does it just get a little lost amongst everything else? Another something to spend money on? Or is it a great excuse to get something that you have wanted for a while? I know lots of people that have exchanged gifts and others that have not. Is it not enough to have to think about gifts for your attendants let alone for your partner as well?

There are a few thoughts that come to my mind if my husband and I were to renew our vows, but I don’t know that these gifts need to cost the earth. What about a beautiful letter that you have written to each other? Cards and words cost little but can mean so much. I have previously blogged about love letters before the ceremony and this is a great gift that you can give to your partner, and can be especially lovely that it is just something that you and you alone read.
I also asked the question on my facebook page and had some lovely ideas given there. Some people were all for a gift and some believed that the rings were enough. There were some great ideas. A pen that you could use for signing your documents and to keep afterwards. This is a lovely idea. If you do this, make sure the pen is black and that it is working before the ceremony. I’m a bit of a neat freak with my paperwork as a celebrant and would want to know that they were all good to go before hand, but it is lovely to think that you could have it engraved and this could be something that is even used by your children at their weddings or used to sign guest books at their 21st birthday parties. (I’m a bit sentimental when it comes to things like that, my poor son!)
Would you consider something that you give to each other to be opened at a certain anniversary? The wine box or time capsule idea where you have guests write you well wishes that can be opened on a special year. Perhaps a special wine or whiskey that could be set aside.
Sometimes I agree with the other side of the argument too, you’ve spent so much already on this big day and event, your already exchanging vows and rings. What do you think? I guess it depends on the gift, the people and the money that people can afford to spend. I think though, there is nothing nicer than some lovely words or even a scrap book of photos and beautiful memories of your time together so far. Have you been to a wedding where there were crazy, extravagant gifts exchanged between the couple?

Thank you to Untamed Images for the use of their photo, check out their facebook page and website for their latest work.

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Robyn and Andrew


Andrew and Robyn were married at Ballara Receptions in Eltham on a stunning April afternoon.  I’ve conducted a wedding there before but every time I go there I am still blown away by how lovely the venue is. The little chapel with those stunning wooden doors is just divine.  What a stunning day for a wedding. There was rain forecast for the  day but the rain held of until late in the evening and the day was just wonderful.

Andrew and the Groomsmen all arrived in the most wonderful cars, they were just amazing and by the time that Robyn and all of her attendants had arrived there were 3 stunning blue hot rods. They had their motors showing and were a huge hit with the guests. The blue of the cars matched the  blue of the bridesmaids dresses. The dresses were really stunning and they were able to be worn in different styles so that all the bridesmaids could feel comfortable. All of the 5 attendants carried beautiful red roses. Robyn looked breathtaking, and she had the perfect rockabilly hairstyle and stunning veil.


Robyn and Andrew have had 5 years of fun and adventure together. Andrew’s first impression of Robyn was that she is a beautiful and kind woman. Robyn remembers that she first noticed his eyes and she thought that he was very easy to talk to. They love nothing more than going for a long drive, or having dinner in a nice restaurant and spending a night away somewhere. They have been setting goals for their future and spending as much time together as possible. They have shared several milestones and bought their first home together. They have travelled overseas and made some wonderful memories. The first time that Andrew had travelled overseas they went to Bali, they remember being so in love and so stress free. Andrew remembers that Robyn organised everything and it was almost entirely based around what he wanted to do.

They make each other laugh and get on each others nerves. Andrew is a very organised man and fells strong about how everything has to be just right and Robyn leaves clutter all over their house. Robyn laughs when Andrew picks up their dog Brutus and treats him like he is a baby. Andrew laughs at Robyn when she asks the same question several times in a short period of time and never hears the answer.


Andrew had picked out all the music for the day and it all fit in perfectly. One thing that I loved about working with Andrew and Robyn was they knew how they wanted things to be. They had an idea in their mind and we just needed to make it work. They knew that they wanted the attendants to walk down the aisle to a different song than Robyn.

What a wonderful day for a truly lovely couple, I’m so lucky that I get to know all of these people that I never would before and I get to share in one of  the most fantastic days of their lives.


Thank you to the guys at Reid Studio, click here to go to their website and see some more of their work.



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Elissa and Michael


Elissa and Michael were married on a lovely (but very hot) Friday in February at Mitchelton Winery in Nagambie. What a fantastic day it was.  It was a stunning day by the river and the gorgeous decked area that they had for the ceremony was breathtaking.

Elissa and Michael’s love began around 7 years ago, Michael was living in London, and Elissa was traveling all around Europe with her friend Jo. They were staying with Jo’s brother who happened to be Michael’s housemate.  Michael remembers thinking that Elissa seemed nice, but maybe a little shy. Elissa thought that Michael was cute, maybe a bit out of her league. Especially with their obvious differences in their taste of music. She didn’t think that he would be interested in a girl like her. Obviously Elissa wasn’t too shy and Michael was interested in a girl like her, and together they have come a long way through the last 7 years. There were times they thought that they might not make it, but they have grown and learnt together over these times and have strengthened this wonderful bond that they share with one another.


Michael says that Elissa is always positive and she is always patient with him. She is friendly and talkative and open to new experiences, like going to his family reunion without him and not having met any of them yet. Michael knows and appreciates that she has always been there for him before anyone else. Elissa said that she loves Michael’s heart and his passion. She says that he has a heart of gold that never falters and he has a wonderful passion for things, especially music. Anything new Michael discovers, he becomes engrossed in and puts everything of himself into it. He is loyal and passionate and has an uncanny ability to defuse heated situations. His calm nature can be infectious.

Elissa and Michael had 6 attendants each, which is a lot of people to keep organised. Michael and some of his groomsmen arrived in a fantastic vintage valiant. Elissa had such lovely ladies around her for her special day, they were all so fantastic and friendly. Usually I don’t really have that much to do with the attendants, but all of Elissa’s spoke to me during the day or at the rehearsal and were all truly lovely. They all wore different shades of green and all wore dresses that suited their personal style. Elissa was a stunning bride who would probably look great in whatever she wore as not everyone would be able to pull of wearing a dress like she did. I loved that they had the wheat bouquets, it all just matched perfectly.


Michael and Elissa have spent time in the last 7 years having fun together, travelling and making each other laugh. Elissa fondly remembers travelling to Dublin and Denmark together. This is when she realised that Michael was her favourite person to travel with. He is always taking her to places that she’d never think to go and taking her out of her comfort zone, but she always knows that it will all be ok. A perfect example of this is one of Michael’s fond memories, the time that he took Elissa to a heavy metal concert in Brixton, London. She had never been to anything like it before and Michael remembers her reactions to the clothing, the people and the event as a whole was priceless.

Michael proposed to Elissa after a wonderful Anzac day, when they had watched Michael’s Dad march wearing Michael’s Grandfather, Brian’s medals. That evening Michael played the biggest gig of his life, at the Palace in Melbourne. They had a fantastic day and night and when they finally got home at 3am they were talking about what a wonderful day that they had just experienced. This when Michael asked Elissa to marry him. They then proceeded to jump in a cab to the airport to fly to Sydney.


They had some wonderful moments during the ceremony, Michael’s Nan did a reading and shared some beautiful words for the couple. But not everything went to plan on their day. We had issues with the PA system that the venue supplied and we had a heat affected bridesmaid pass out mid ceremony. (She was ok, and even came back before the end of the ceremony, Brownlow medal worthy effort there I might add). Even with all these things to throw us, Elissa and Michael took it in their stride. They obviously made sure that their friend was ok, but still managed to have a really beautiful ceremony and they shared some lovely personal heartfelt vows. They didn’t let any of these things take away from the promises that they made to each other.

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon. I can’t think of anything better than making truly lovely people husband and wife.

Thank you to Roberto Bossio, who was photographing and JL and the crew from JLB The Studio for the use of their images. Check them out at JLB The Studio, Click here to see their website.  Check out the website of Mitchelton Wines too, such a lovely view of the river. Nice wine too I am told.


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Timing and Walking down the aisle


When I talk to people about walking down the aisle, a lot of questions come to mind. How long it is going to take? How quickly should I walk? Do we wait for the first bridesmaid to get to the ceremony spot before the next bridesmaid starts to walk? Should we fade out the music at the end, when everyone is in place? Should we have a different song for the bridesmaids? What if the part of the song I want to walk down to starts at 1 minute 15 seconds?

Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina02 Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina03
As far as my job is concerned this is one of the most talked about parts of the day. Have a good think about this and imagine how you want it to be and do just that. This is one of the perfect reasons to have a wedding rehearsal. (Read my blog here about 6 Reasons to have a Wedding Rehearsal)  Don’t worry about tradition or what you’ve seen at some other weddings, unless of course you loved what they did and want to do something similar. Simply do whatever you like. It’s your day, people are there to see you exchange your vows, and they can wait if they need to. What’s 2 minutes? Some of the loveliest entrances at weddings are when the guests have had to wait.

Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina05 Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina06
Holly and Simon chose to have Perth by Bon Iver playing as Holly entered the Hall. When we were having  the rehearsal, we all discussed that the song has a full minute of intro before the lyrics really kick in, and that is what Holly wanted to enter to. We decided that 1 minute isn’t a lot for people to wait. Walk in when you want. People can wait, they are there for your day, no other reason. You might as well have what you want.
Sean and Chloe had the Imperial March from Star Wars as they entered the stage in their theatre venue. Chloe didn’t want to walk down the aisle and this suited not only the venue, but them as a couple and what they are interested in.
Mel and Cat had the beautiful Day Too Soon, by Sia. They had the music start when the taxi pulled into view. A long song like Day Too Soon is perfect for something like this, it gave them plenty of time to get out of the taxi and then walk down the aisle.  I think it makes such a difference when people have songs with beautiful lyrics that mean a lot to them. It just makes it all the more special.

Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina08 Pre-Wedding-Photography-yarravalley-nina07
I have never been to a wedding and heard anyone say that the bride took too long to walk down the aisle or complaints about the song that was chosen. This is something that should mean something to the couple. Some couples choose to have their attendants walk in to a different song than the bride, especially when the groom has a song that he has always imagined the bride walking in to. It sometimes doesn’t ‘fit’ if her attendants walk in to that song too. I think that the song the bride walks down the aisle to is like the soundtrack for that part of the wedding. It tells a small part of the couple’s story if the song is important to them. It can create a huge amount of emotion, not just for the groom but for a number of the guests too.
Have you been to a wedding that was especially moving when the Bride entered because of the music? Or a wedding where the song choice left a lot to be desired? I’d love to hear about it.


Thank you to Love Journal Photography for the stunning images on the blog this week. See more of their work at by visiting their website or you can see what they are up to on facebook.


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Wedding Karma


Are you getting married and having a sneaky giggle to yourself. Or have you been a part of a wedding where you thought ‘Wow, Wedding Karma will come around.’
Someone I know is having no end of drama with one of her attendants. (It might sound like you, it’s a common problem, no I’m not naming any names!) She doesn’t like the dress, wants a different style, different fit, colour… the list goes on. Not once thinking for a minute that there may be other attendants to think about or maybe the bride really wants that colour for the day. Above all this, the attendant hasn’t for one moment considered that ‘wedding karma is a b*#@h!!’ and perhaps she deserves whatever comes to her. Maybe due to the dress that she made the now bride wear at her own wedding. Maybe she didn’t think it was bad and maybe I’m being a little harsh. (Sound like someone you know or, hopefully not, one of your attendants?)

These kind of things make me laugh a little. These people that are getting married are your best friends, (or they should be) on both sides. Don’t ask them to be your attendants if they are not. You are both going to have to do some real thinking about each other. I have previously blogged about ‘Tips for a stress free bridal party‘ and ‘Responsibilities of the bridal party’. But try to remember that you have chosen these people for a reason.
It is the Bride’s wedding day and in the end she should get the final say. Be nice to your friends, one day you might be in their wedding too. Maybe it says a lot about some of the friends that we have. But think of other people, and think of the people in your wedding.  I only had the one attendant at my wedding, and I was lucky my bestie was happy to go with suggestions and colours that I liked. Turned out, in the end I wanted her to choose. She had to wear the dress and she also paid for it. I was also lucky enough to be in her wedding and she let all of us choose the style of our dress, she wanted us to wear black or grey, and was mindful that all of her attendants were all shapes and sizes, so we could choose something that we felt comfortable in. We paid for our own dresses and this worked well. It might be different if the bride is paying for the dresses. As long as you don’t look like one of the horrendous numbers out of 27 dresses, I don’t know how much real say you can have when she is paying for the dress. All the tips in the past blogs hold true, but be nice to these people, they are some of your best friends, and above all….. ‘Wedding Karma is a b*#@h!!’

AG04 AG05
Have you been to weddings where you wondered about how the bride could do that to her friends? Or have you been the victim of some well deserved wedding karma?I’d love to hear your stories.

Thank you to Untamed Images for the use of their photos on the blog this week. Check out their website here and like them over at their facebook page.

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The best time to have your ceremony


Some couples ask me what time they should have their ceremony whereas other couples have already made up their minds and know exactly how their day will be scheduled. Often people are not too sure about the timing of their ceremony or what time to start their reception.

There are a few contributing factors to consider. What time do you plan to start your reception? If this is already booked, for example your reception starts at 6pm and it is a 15-minute drive from the venue, the ceremony cannot be at 5pm. You also need to consider how much time is required for photographs between the ceremony and reception. I would always discuss this with your photographer and consider that you will need family photos as well as some lovely shots of the two of you.

You also need to consider logistics of your big day. If you are having your ceremony at the same place as you are having your reception less time will be required between both events. Your venue will allow time for your guests to have canapés while you are having your photos done, whereas if you are having your reception and ceremony at different venues you will need to allow travel time as well as enough time for all of your guests to get there before you, so you can make an entrance.

164446_261057924030424_786107790_n 735163_261058100697073_78003734_n 484721_261057720697111_1293793204_n

I generally recommend couples organise the ceremony time to start 15 minutes prior to the bride’s arrival at the ceremony. Most guests will be at the venue on time but there are times when guests come in after the bride and I had one wedding where the bride was stalled, as it was quite a small wedding, and the bride and groom wanted all their guests to be present before we started the wedding. I think it is better to have the guests wait an extra 15 minutes than have the bride worry about late arrivals. (Some other celebrants may not be fond of this idea. I like to make sure that I am there really early and don’t book other weddings usually on the same day, or at least make sure that there are a few hours between so that if the bride or guests are late, it is not an issue for me, whereas perhaps other celebrants may choose to try to squeeze as many as they can into the day.)

Also make sure that you are comfortable with the time of day you choose. If you have a lunchtime wedding like I did, be prepared that you will probably be up before the sun, to fit in hair and make up. Also if you are have a lot of attendants this is something that you will also need to consider. My friend recently had her wedding and we spent time with her getting ready at the house with all of her attendants, it was a lovely part of the day, and we all got to chat and it made for a relaxing start to her big day. These are all things that contribute to stress levels on the day, so make sure you work out how much time is needed, plus your travel to the ceremony, and maybe do a test run. For example drive from where you are getting ready to the ceremony venue at the same time/day to give you a rough guide including traffic flows.

Do you have any tips for others as far as working out timing on your special day?

Thank-you to Vision House Photography for the use of their stunning images. Check out their website here, you can also check them out on  facebook by clicking here.

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