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Announcements on Social Media


One of my pet peeves is when other people don’t let couples or new parents make their own announcement on social media. Not only is it rude, some people don’t take into consideration if the couple want their news shared with the world just yet, …. or ever.

Whether it is an Engagement, Wedding or the Birth of a child, I personally think that it is something that only the couple or the parents have the right to announce.

If a couple have gotten engaged, and you find this out, don’t go straight to facebook. Call them and congratulate them or text them, if you have their number it is nicer and more personal. If you really need to use facebook and they haven’t announced it, send them a private message. There may be a very good reason that they haven’t announced it on social media and it makes it awkward for them if they have to explain it to some people that found out by viewing their page.

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I have previously blogged about Social Media at your wedding, (you can read that blog here) and there are varied degrees about how much people want their wedding shared. I don’t think there is anything wrong with congratulating the couple, again once it is announced, but I always cringe when other people upload photos from the wedding before the couple do. Or don’t check with the couple first. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have conducted weddings where there was a ban on uploading to facebook. Another couple I conducted the wedding for over 2 years ago, still have none of their wedding photos on facebook to this day.

If you were lucky enough to find out via phone call, text or some other way, that a baby has been born, wonderful. Good for you! Just wait and let the people announce to others that their baby is born. Recently a lovely couple that I was lucky enough to marry, had their baby after much waiting past their due date. Every time I was on Facebook or instagram I would be looking for posts from them. I then saw a post from one of their friends, not only saying congratulations, (which if you really really have to just leave it at that) but announcing the name of the baby. I felt really annoyed. I wanted to hear it from the couple, and felt cross for them that they had something taken away from them. They went through it all, so I feel it is their news to tell.

I would have been more than angry if someone had announced that my son had been born, especially if they had announced his name to the world. It may seem trivial to some people but please, think before you post! Would you want someone posting this about you if it was your news or photos from your special day? Have you seen this on Social Media where someone has stolen someone else’s news? Has it happened to you?

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