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Tamara and Daniel


I was lucky enough to conduct the wedding of Tamara and Daniel on a windy, but lovely, day in September. They were married at the Seawinds Gardens in Arthurs Seat. If you haven’t been to the Gardens or up to Arthurs Seat, it is a beautiful and breathtaking part of the world. It is somewhere that I have driven past so many times and had only been when I was much younger. It is an amazing place. And what better place for a wedding! The views are spectacular and it is a place that has been very special to Tamara and Daniel so it was very fitting for them to have their ceremony there. They were married at the outlook in front of about 70 of their family and friends.

tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography02 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography03 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography04
Daniel and Tamara have been together for 7 years, meeting through some mutual friends. As a couple, Tamara and Daniel have spent a lot of time enjoying each others company. They love running, kayaking, hiking and cycling. If that isn’t enough hard work in itself, they spend a lot of time renovating their house too! So they obviously know that they can work together and through tough situations. When you still want to live with the other person after having lived out of one end of a house with only half a bathroom, it must be love.

tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography06tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography07 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography08
Daniel and Tamara have a beautiful proposal story. While in America, they were walking in a back section of Disneyland behind the castle when Dan asked if one of the staff would take his and Tamara’s photo.  Dan isn’t really one for having his photo taken, but they were away on holiday so Tamara thought nothing of it. The first photo was just of the two of them standing there nicely, then Dan got down on one knee in front of the disney castle and asked Tamara to marry him. Tamara didn’t say yes straight away, first she asked if he was serious, then gave him a hug. It wasn’t until about an hour later that she told him yes!! It was pretty much a given though she already had the ring on and was crying like a baby!

tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography05 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography10
One thing that made it obvious to me just how in love they are is when I asked Tamara and Daniel to describe their relationship to me in 3 words. There answer was really beautiful! They said natural, enduring and supportive. It doesn’t get much lovelier than that. Natural because they know that they can always be themselves. Enduring, as they face situations head on and always work through things together. And supportive, that no matter what life throws at them, that they always talk through things, and support the other to get over every hurdle they face. This has made for a wonderful foundation for their love, and they have always supported each other and pulled the other through any tough times.

I especially loved that I got to see people that I have conducted weddings for in the past. I was lucky enough to conduct the wedding of Daniel’s sister Candice, and also the wedding of his friends Philip and Judy. I love seeing these people that I have spent a bit of time getting to know but rarely see again.

tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography19 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography23
It was a stunning day, everyone looked wonderful and it was a beautiful part of the world.  What a day at the office!! It doesn’t get much better than that, getting to see such amazing parts of the world, with wonderful people. I’m pretty lucky to do what I do.

tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography21 tamara-daniel-deb-lowres-crcooperphotography22

A really big thank you to Chris Cooper for the use of his photos on the blog this weekend. You can look at some of his other work by clicking here. Also if you are down the Mornington Peninsula, check out the Seawinds Gardens. Click here to check out the website.



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Trudy and Ross


I met Trudy a few years ago. We both share a very close friend and she was at a few Christmas parties that I have attended. The very special friend that we share went overseas to live and get married (another lovely romantic story for another time). The Christmas parties that we would both be able to attend, obviously stopped.

So when I met with Trudy to talk about her wedding just before Christmas, it was like meeting up with someone that I have known for a while but rarely seen. Our mutual friend talks about her very fondly and often, so I felt like I knew quite a lot about her already and I hoped that what she had been told about me over the years was as nice as I had heard about her.


Ross and Trudy’s love began almost 10 years ago. They were enjoying a night out with some friends at what they refer to as the “Dodgy Swan Hotel in Richmond”. Ross thought that Trudy was friendly, with a beautiful and welcoming smile. Trudy thought that Ross was also friendly, fun to hang out with and he made her laugh. It didn’t take long until they were travelling across the city to spend time with each other. After about 12 months into their relationship they travelled to Europe and spent time living in America for Ross’ work.

Ross proposed to Trudy while they were on a weekend away, Trudy fondly told me that she remembers thinking something was up when he wouldn’t let her put trackies on. She remembers him getting down on one knee and thinking ‘is he proposing?’ Trudy wasn’t sure if they would ever get married. She was a little bit shocked and had to get Ross to retell her all the beautiful things he had said again once she’d calmed down.


The day of the wedding didn’t start out too nicely. A very wet, January morning.  The rain cleared up and the day ended up being quite mild. It was just the wind that we had to contend with. Trudy and Ross were married at the Sandbar Beach Cafe, which was a stunning venue for a wedding. The ceremony was conducted in a lovely little area that steps directly out onto the sand. One lovely thing about it being so windy was there were no people hanging around on the beach to get into the background of photos, or just sticky nose at a wedding they happened to stumble across.

Trudy wore a lovely yellow dress, that looked just beautiful. Ross and Trudy chose a lovely reading called “All I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarden” which was very fitting as Trudy is a primary school teacher. They also chose to have one of my favourite songs for the signing of the register, The wedding song, by Angus and Julia Stone. So lovely!! It was a beautiful day and I had a wonderful time sharing a day with new friends and old.


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