When a husband wants to take his wife’s last name



20 years ago this was never really heard of. A husband taking his wife’s last name. Some people might have changed there name by deed poll if their name was terrible, but no one really took their wife’s name when they got married. Nowadays it is very much a thing.

There are celebrities doing it and I know of at least two couples that are going to do this who are planning their wedding. Good on them and more power to them, but like anything new, there are people out there that are scared of it and who don’t like it. I have even heard of one guy who’s family are almost disowning him for his decision to take his wife’s name after they are married. What does it really matter? I know of another couple who adapted their names to make a new name, the husbands name was as common as it gets so they made a new very cool name. They started their family and used their new name. I think it is really lovely and a great way to make something that’s just theirs.

Names are so important and your name is part of who you are, however, I don’t think that it something that defines you. Some people don’t want to change their name when they get married and I am all for that too. For me, I wanted to be a part of a family where we all had the same name. Growing up, my mum remarried and she changed her name. The amount of times that I was called to the school office under my step dad’s name was annoying, nothing wrong with my stepdad or his name at all but it just wasn’t my name. It annoyed me that they couldn’t be bothered to get my name right. I am forever trying to pronounce people’s names properly as I believe names are really important.


If a groom wants to change his name, go for it! Be who you want to be and take your wife’s name. Or make up a new one together. Who cares? Do you think that it is a big deal for a man to take a woman’s name?  If it’s such a big deal, why has it almost always been expected for a woman to take her husband’s name. Please feel free to share your thoughts.


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