Guests that don’t turn up on the day of your wedding


I recently saw an article about a bride who sent bills to all of the guests that didn’t turn up to her wedding. I spent some time reading through all of the comments that were under the article. There were lots of people that agreed and a lot who didn’t. But really, can you send a bill because someone doesn’t turn up? What do you think?
I have perviously blogged about being sick on someone’s wedding day and believe that sometimes these things can’t be helped. But what about those people that just don’t show up? A couple or a family of people? What do you do then? I had quite a small wedding and there was one person who RSVP’ed that they were coming and didn’t show up. Of course we were hurt and upset, but it wasn’t the end of the world. If they had of said they couldn’t make it we would have been disappointed and we wouldn’t have had to pay for their meal. However not for a moment did I think that they owed me what it cost for the meal.

New-Zealand-South-Island-Pre-wedding-Photography-04 New-Zealand-South-Island-Pre-wedding-Photography-03
I’m not sure how you can word this kind of ‘bill’ and really is it worth your friendship over the price of a meal. It might be a funny thing to send if you didn’t particularly like the person but then I’m not sure why they were on the guest list to begin with. If you are that keen to write of the friendship or lack there of then maybe do it before the wedding and save yourself the time, money and looking like a crazy person. If I got a bill for not turning up to someone’s wedding, even though I think that is rude, you can bet if I would be talking about it to my friends, family and colleagues. I don’t know if I would have put it all up on facebook, but I’m sure a lot of people I know would know about it!
What do you think? Is the cost of someones meal worth kicking up all of that fuss and potentially loosing a friend, or do you think that if someone doesn’t show up on one of the most important days of your life that they should pay?



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