Wedding dresses with pockets

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Ok, I have to admit, this must be one of my favourite wedding trends. Wedding dresses with pockets seem to be gaining popularity, and why not? It is the best idea. I love a dress or skirt loads more if it has pockets. So why not have pockets on your wedding dress? You wear it for a long part of the day and really who can be bothered keeping tabs on a bag or clutch? Especially when you can just have pockets!

You can keep all sorts of wonderful things in them. You can keep traditional necessities, like lipstick or lip gloss, mints, or tissues. Anything that you might keep in a purse or clutch. You may also want to carry with you something that is just for you. A photo of someone that you would have loved to have been there on your wedding day. An embroidered handkerchief that belonged to your grandmother or a lucky charm that was given to you by your little nephew that you have had for years. Let’s not forget the post ceremony selfie. How are you going to take that if you have no where to put your phone? (Just don’t forget to have it switched to silent!)

Lots of dresses are now coming with pockets and if you are having your dress made, it’s easy enough to ask them to do. I have seen more and more bridesmaids dresses that have pockets too which makes even more sense. Not only can they keep things that they need with them, they can also keep some things with them that the bride might need too.

The pockets themselves can be a fashion statement. They could be a part of the design with lace or have something about them that is obvious so that they stand out. They can be made so that you wouldn’t even know they were there unless you saw the bride with her hands in them.
I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have pockets in your dress, especially if you were having it made. Can you think of any reasons that it wouldn’t be a good idea? Or have you seen it done badly at a wedding?

All these images of wedding dresses with pockets are from Pintrest.



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