Notice of Intended Marriage

pre-wedding-photography-in-Australia-11The Notice of Intended Marriage is the first official paperwork that most couples will fill out in preparation for their wedding. The Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be filled in 1 month before the wedding and no longer than 18 months before your wedding day.
The Notice of Intended Marriage has all sorts of information about you and your husband or wife to be. It has all the usual information like your Full Name, Date of Birth, your Birthplace. If you were born out side of Australia you also have to state how long your period of residence in Australia has been.

You are required to lodge it with the celebrant who will be conducting your wedding. You also need to show evidence that you are who you say you are. You can do this by showing your birth certificate and a drivers licence, or if you cannot provide those, you can also show your passport (It is really handy for the celebrant to be provided with the birth certificate, it really helps with the accuracy of names of parents and important information) Basically, you need to show where you were born and have something that has your photo on it, so that the celebrant knows that you are who you say you are.

This is an important document and not everyone who starts the wedding process are aware that these forms need to be filled out. It is important that these forms are filled out accurately as they are what the celebrant will use to fill in all of the official certificates that will then go to Births, Deaths and Marriages. It is also important that they have the correct information on them as it can make things difficult for the bride if she is  wanting to change her name. When applying for her updated passport, if the information on the marriage certificate and birth certificate do not match, she may have to chase around getting documents corrected.  It is also beneficial to have all of this information correct for generations to come if they are looking at historical records.

You have to have the Notice of Intended Marriage witnessed by someone that is authorised to do so. Most of the time the celebrant conducting the wedding will do this, but sometimes this is not feasible, for example, if the bride and groom are interstate or in another country. If this is the case, the celebrant needs to receive the signed copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage within the 1 month prior to the wedding date.
If any of the parties to the marriage have been married before, the celebrant will also need to see evidence of the death of their previous partner or proof of the divorce of the previous marriage. There are also questions about any children from the previous marriage in the document.


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