Robyn and Andrew


Andrew and Robyn were married at Ballara Receptions in Eltham on a stunning April afternoon.  I’ve conducted a wedding there before but every time I go there I am still blown away by how lovely the venue is. The little chapel with those stunning wooden doors is just divine.  What a stunning day for a wedding. There was rain forecast for the  day but the rain held of until late in the evening and the day was just wonderful.

Andrew and the Groomsmen all arrived in the most wonderful cars, they were just amazing and by the time that Robyn and all of her attendants had arrived there were 3 stunning blue hot rods. They had their motors showing and were a huge hit with the guests. The blue of the cars matched the  blue of the bridesmaids dresses. The dresses were really stunning and they were able to be worn in different styles so that all the bridesmaids could feel comfortable. All of the 5 attendants carried beautiful red roses. Robyn looked breathtaking, and she had the perfect rockabilly hairstyle and stunning veil.


Robyn and Andrew have had 5 years of fun and adventure together. Andrew’s first impression of Robyn was that she is a beautiful and kind woman. Robyn remembers that she first noticed his eyes and she thought that he was very easy to talk to. They love nothing more than going for a long drive, or having dinner in a nice restaurant and spending a night away somewhere. They have been setting goals for their future and spending as much time together as possible. They have shared several milestones and bought their first home together. They have travelled overseas and made some wonderful memories. The first time that Andrew had travelled overseas they went to Bali, they remember being so in love and so stress free. Andrew remembers that Robyn organised everything and it was almost entirely based around what he wanted to do.

They make each other laugh and get on each others nerves. Andrew is a very organised man and fells strong about how everything has to be just right and Robyn leaves clutter all over their house. Robyn laughs when Andrew picks up their dog Brutus and treats him like he is a baby. Andrew laughs at Robyn when she asks the same question several times in a short period of time and never hears the answer.


Andrew had picked out all the music for the day and it all fit in perfectly. One thing that I loved about working with Andrew and Robyn was they knew how they wanted things to be. They had an idea in their mind and we just needed to make it work. They knew that they wanted the attendants to walk down the aisle to a different song than Robyn.

What a wonderful day for a truly lovely couple, I’m so lucky that I get to know all of these people that I never would before and I get to share in one of  the most fantastic days of their lives.


Thank you to the guys at Reid Studio, click here to go to their website and see some more of their work.




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