Candle Ceremony


The Candle Ceremony is sometimes called the Unity Candle Ceremony. These are becoming more popular in weddings than in the past years. All of the candle ceremonies that I have been a part of the ceremonies were all held in chapels. Thank goodness as I think that they would be very difficult to conduct if the couples were having their wedding outdoors.

The candle ceremony usually consists of one centre candle, the unity candle, that is lit by the Bride and Groom using two separate candles that have been lit to represent their families. The unity candle represents that they are now creating their own family. It is a wonderful way to include family members into the wedding ceremony. A lot of the time the mothers of the Bride and Groom light the candles that represent the individual families. The couple will then take those candles and light the candle that represents the new family that they are creating. This can be done while music is played however I tend to think that it is important to explain the symbolism behind it.

It can be a symbol for the two families and their love for the Bride and Groom and uniting to one new family. It can also represent the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment. In most cases, the two smaller candles or the candles that are representing the families are left burning and replaced in their holders where they originally were lit. This signifies the love that the family have for the Bride and Groom and how this will always continue.

When the ceremony is performed to symbolise the joining together of the couple, sometimes the individual candles may be blown out to suggest that their two lives have been permanently merged. I, however, think it is nice for them to be left burning beside the central candle symbolising that the Bride and Groom, although they have become one in commitment, do not need to have lost their individuality.

What do you think about the candle ceremony in a wedding? Do you think it is a lovely way to include family, or think it is a little cheesy?


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