Alison and Geoff


Geoff and Alison met one another about 3 years ago. When they met they instantly hit it off. They spent their first date having dinner together and they had no trouble with conversation. They could have talked all night and they were actually asked to leave when the restaurant was closing.

Their first impressions of each other proved to be quite true. Geoff remembers that Alison had lots of stories to tell and was full of life. He loved her bubbly personality and thoughtful and caring ways. Alison thought Geoff was handsome and as they talked more she realised that he was a true gentleman. It didn’t take long for them to realise that this was love and only a few months into their relationship they knew that this was the real thing. Both Geoff and Alison realised that they had found exactly what they had been looking for.

Alison and Geoff had there wedding at the amazing Immerse Winery in Dixon’s Creek. It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining and it was a stunning October day.  They had their ceremony in the chapel there. It is a gorgeous chapel, with beautiful exposed wooden roof and it had been beautifully decorated. There was lovely fresh rose petals down either side of the aisle. It was small enough and (obviously intentionally) set out in a way that the intimate wedding made the chapel look quite full.

Family is really important to Alison and Geoff and it is something that we spoke about often when planning the wedding. I know that family means the world to them and they would do anything to help them out.  I was lucky enough to conduct the wedding of Alison’s son Paul, about a month earlier. (read all about Kate and Paul’s great wedding here)  So I really got to know them all when getting organised for both of the weddings.

Alison had all of her 3 sons arrive at the chapel with her. She had 2 of her sons enter with her daughters in law, and then she had her eldest son and her Dad both walk her down the aisle. All of the sons, and her Dad, shook hands with Geoff at the front of the chapel to welcome him into the family. I thought that this was a beautiful way to have all of your children involved in the wedding and to also have them welcome Geoff into the family and show their support for their Mum on her special day.

One thing that I really admire about Alison and Geoff is the way that they are both honest about where they have come from. That they can celebrate all the things that life has brought them, and realise that it has made them the people that they are today. They both know that they are not perfect and that their partner isn’t perfect, but they love each other, accept each other, and really want the other to be the best person that they can be.

I had a truly lovely time getting to know Ali and Geoff, and meeting their friends and family, some of them on a few occasions. I am so lucky to get to meet wonderful people and get to spend, in some cases, quite a bit of time getting to know them.  It is great for me when I can realise what their core values are and the things that they hold in the highest regard. I endeavour to make these things obvious in their ceremony so that hopefully all of their family and friends on the day can see that their wedding was really ‘them’. It is an honour for me to be a part of the day, to really get to know these amazing people that at the end of my ‘job’ I can easily call a friend.


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