Meet your vendors

Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad36

This is so important. Meet your vendors. It may sound like common sense or you may think that you can find out everything that you need to know from an email, but I cannot suggest strongly enough to meet the people that are going to be a part of your big day.

Of course send emails, call places and request that people get in touch with you online, but don’t leave it at that to make your decision. I get a lot of people emailing me asking how much I charge for a wedding. Which is fine, by all means get a price range, but why have you contacted me? Did someone recommend me? Did you see me conduct another wedding? did you find me on facebook? this blog? There must be some reason that you have contacted me, doesn’t it make sense not to meet me and see what I can bring to your day. I don’t think you can learn too much about how a person will help you in an email.  I understand that everyone has a budget, but I think that it is vitally important that you are happy with the person that is going to be conducting your wedding. You should feel happy and comfortable with them, and I don’t think you can find that out just by asking “how much do you charge?” in a email.

Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad13Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad19 Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad25
It is the same with the other aspects of your day. Meet the wedding coordinator at the venues that you like. It can make a huge difference in your day. I’m sure you won’t care if the venue you like is going to be an extra $200 if you have a coordinator that makes you feel good about the way you want your day to run, compared with someone that makes you feel that you have to do things exactly the way that they always do it. I’ve spoken to couples who have chosen their venue and paid, then the coordinator leaves and they are forced to have someone else look after them. It has changed the whole feel of the experience and some have even said that they probably would have not booked the venue if they had have known that the other person would take over.

Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad32 Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad35
It’s the same with flowers, your dress, everything. Photography is a great example, no one is going to care if they paid a couple of bucks more as long as they are comfortable with who is taking their photos. It will be obvious in the shots. Sometimes saving $50 is never worth the saving. It costs you more in headaches if there are issues along the way.

Meet with the people that will be involved with your day. How do they make you feel? Do you feel excited about the wedding that you have planned? Comfortable with what they will bring to the table for your day? If yes the they are probably a good fit. If they make you question what you have dreamed for your day, or make you feel not quite right, keep looking. The perfect person for your perfect day is out there.

Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad45 Wedding-Photography-at-Tay creggan-Sketch-Dockland-Lauren-Brad44

Thank you again to Love Journal for the photos on the blog this week. Check out their website and facebook page for lots more amazing images.


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