Simon and Elaina


Simon and Elaina were married on a perfect Sunday in October, at the Melbourne Zoo. The weather was amazing and they were married in the gardens near the giant tortoise, a part of the zoo that if you didn’t know it was there you might walk straight past it. They had a beautiful Chuppa set up, a lovely white carpet and a small number of chairs, it looked simply beautiful. I knew Elaina would look stunning, she does so just wearing her everyday clothes so I knew she would be a knockout bride. And she did not disappoint.  The little  gardens were full of family and friends and was a perfect size for the amount of guests that they had.

IP_528_20141026_09949209 IP_492_20141026_09949007
I have known Simon for about 7 years, and had met Elaina only on a couple of occasions. I was really excited to be able to meet with them and discuss the possibility of conducting their wedding. When I was asking them some of the questions that I like to ask when I am getting to know the couple, I asked them how they met. Simon told me that they met at a party, but Elaina doesn’t remember meeting him there. Thankfully they both remember that Simon introduced himself when he was working at a club. He must have been memorable then because Elaina dragged one of her friends to the same club the next weekend so she could see him again. They have spent the majority of the last decade building their life together. They have endured ups and downs like any couple, but they decided early on what is important to them and they have always shared, created balance and compromised.

They are lucky enough to have made many great memories together already, driving (although not too successfully) in Iceland, climbing inside the pyramids, learning to scuba dive with turtles in Bali, camping trips and adventures to the snow. They have spent a lot of their time working towards and getting their dream home and they have adopted many pets together over the years as they share a love of animals. So it was very fitting for them to have their wedding at the zoo.

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One thing that I really loved about working on this wedding was being involved and learning about some of the different elements that others have in their traditional weddings. Having elements of a traditional Jewish wedding incorporated into the civil ceremony was fantastic.  It was great to be able to personalise the wedding in such a way that Simon and Elaina had all the elements that they wanted covered. Obviously the Chuppa was great, and not something that I get to see very often at a wedding. This one was stunning . I really loved how it was made from wood and  didn’t look out of place in the Zoo.  I thought that it was great that Simon’s cousin said some traditional wedding prayers and blessings, and Simon and Elaina drank wine after exchanging their vows.  They also had Simon’s cousin explain about the breaking of the glass, so that people there who were not Jewish would know what was about to happen and some of the reasons that the glass is traditionally broken. It was fantastic. What a wonderful way to end a wedding ceremony.  What a lovely wedding with two of the loveliest people. Mazel Tov!


Thanks to Timothy Burgess for the photos from Simon and Elaina’s stunning day. Check out more of his work at his website by clicking here.

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