Jimmy and Gemma



Some people just fit together, it’s like they were especially made for the other, and make you believe in destiny. Jim and Gemma are undoubtedly one of these couples.

I have known Jimmy for about 7 years. I met Gemma when she came to Australia and thought how Jim won the trifecta, I knew she liked Formula One, but thought how lucky he was when I discovered she is also very smart and saw she is beautiful too.

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Jim and Gemma were married at  Healesville Sanctuary, on a perfect day in November, the weather forecast had all of us a little concerned as there was a 90% chance of rain, not the best odds, but the day was beautiful and the rain held of to late in the evening and by then no one really seemed to mind. They were married outside the Brolga Room in a really private lovely part of the Sanctuary. Jim and Gemma had people from all over the world at their wedding, people had traveled from the UK, New Zealand and from outback Queensland just to name a few.

A little over 5 years ago, Jim set of an adventure to London, on a 2 year working visa. I remember him working hard for numerous months before hand and being very excited for this new chapter in his life. Little did he know just how wonderful that adventure would be. Although I think maybe Charlotte, (Jimmy’s younger sister) had a bit of an idea that there was someone that Jim should meet.

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Gemma had been working with Charlotte in a hospital, one of their colleges was leaving and Jim joined them for the leaving drinks. When Jim and Gemma were introduced they were told that they both liked formula one and even the initial shock of “Argh, she likes Ferrari’ and the “Argh, he likes McLaren” didn’t put them off talking to each other, they didn’t speak to anyone else for the rest of the evening.

They have spent the last 5 years having an absolute blast,  They have had camper van trips around Europe, skipped between 5 different F1 races in a year, They have spent countless hours in their 1993 Ford Transit called Freddy which they nursed through 10,000 kilometres over a series of trips.

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Gemma said what she loves most about Jim is that he does the vacuuming. Not only does he do housework, but she loves he just knows what to say and knows when she is overwhelmed. He can even predict it. He knows when she needs a hug, to vent, a laugh or quiet time. He understands her and loves her.  Gemma also said “He has a natural magnetism. I can leave him in a room of people and turn my back for a second and he’s best friends with everyone. Animals and kids too are just drawn to him, he’s exceptionally likeable, always knows how to engage with people on all levels.”

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Jim said that Gemma is the most generous person that he has ever met, she is forever planning gifts for people or making them to give. She is always thinking of others before herself. He is also grateful for all that she has had to forfeit when she made the move to Melbourne, and is very aware of all that Gemma and her family have sacrificed for the two of them to make their life together here in Melbourne.

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It was an amazing wedding and I got to meet people that I have only known via the internet for all of those 7 years. Finally meeting Jim’s sisters and niece and nephews that I had been knitting gifts for, for all those years. I shared some lovely moments with both Jim’s lovely family. I haven’t seen Jim’s Mum for many years, but she was telling me she remembers being introduced to me as one of Jim’s first friends when he moved to Melbourne and Gemma’s beautiful family, Gemma has the most wonderful 4 parents that I have ever met. They are just all a big happy family, it is refreshing and wonderful to see.  (At the rehearsal her mum and step mum stood in for 2 of the bridesmaids and walked down the isle arm in arm) Such a beautiful wedding, in a perfect setting, with some of the most wonderful people you can meet.

You can check out the Healesville Sanctuary website here. Thank you to Kirralee for her stunning photos from Jim and Gemma’s amazing day, check out more of her work here and you can like her on her facebook page.

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