Mel and Cat


Mel and Cat were married at the Royal Botanical Gardens on a lovely Saturday in December. What an amazing wedding it was. I had never conducted a wedding at the Botanical Gardens before, it is a stunning place, but add some beautiful umbrellas, some white chairs and a white carpet to the mix and it becomes breathtaking.  They had the most amazing taxi bring them both to the gardens and they walked down to the ceremony site together to Sia’s ‘Day too Soon’.  These stunning ladies walked down the white carpet hand in hand to exchange their vows in front of about 70 of their family and friends.

As a couple, Mel and Cat have travelled the world, having lived together in Canada for a year. Moving to the opposite side of the globe with your partner, being the only other person you know is a true test of a relationship – whether it be saving the other from a random squirrel attack in Stanley Park, or taking an ambulance ride to the Emergency room after a colorful night out in Palm Springs – Mel and Cat are always there for one other, no matter how silly or embarrassing the situation might be. They have made many wonderful memories together, from their first date at the East Brunswick Club hotel, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge on a Summer evening in New York, to having their first white Christmas together in Vancouver. Along with travel, they love nothing more than enjoying a good drink together at their much-loved pubs with friends and family, or at home with one another listening to their favourite records.

vows deb_portrait


When I asked Mel and Cat about some of the stand out attributes that they saw in each other it ‘s clear just how in love that they are. Mel said that she loves Cat’s kind nature, the fact that she is smarter than anyone she has ever met and beautiful inside and out. Cat loves Mel’s sense of humour, her passionate spirit, and is in awe of how talented Mel is. They spend a lot of time making each other laugh. Cat makes Mel laugh with her never ending popular culture references and fear of just about everything. Mel has a habit of making funny phrases that sound like celebrities’ names, she calls Cat her Fiancee Knowles. When Mel proposed to Cat they were at the Midsumma carnival, after Cat said yes, Mel went on the jumping castle and Cat stayed and drank beers and ate dip with her friend Heidi.

 Mel and Cat didn’t share their vows with me before the ceremony, they are one of the first couples that haven’t given me a look at them or asked for my help when writing them, so the vows were  new to me.  They were so lovely and to hear them for the first time that they exchanged them was quite an emotional experience.  Cat chose to borrow words from Emily Bronte in her vows to Mel saying “whatever our souls are made of, mine and yours are the same”
One thing that I really loved about doing this wedding, was that it was for them and just about love. Love and their promises to each other. No other reason. We all know that it wasn’t about legalities, (It’s probably best that I don’t even start on this topic.) it was about their love and it was just truly beautiful. Such a beautiful couple and such a beautiful love that they share.
I’m fully aware of how lucky I am, I get to know these wonderful people in such a relatively short amount of time. I get to share one of the most awesome experiences of their lives with them, meet their amazing families, and friends.  What other job to you get to reassure a bride that the taxi running late is not a big deal that the show can’t go on without them, scavenge through plants and bushes for well hidden power sources with lovely people you met just minutes before, to watching a little 4 year old sing his ABC’s into the PA system and wow the guests after the ceremony?
A huge shout out to Jean-Luc Syndikas for the use of the photos from Mel and Cat’s stunning day.  What a perfect guy to photograph such a beautiful day. (He is just one of the nicest guys you will ever have  the pleasure of meeting!) Check out some more of his work on his facebook page here or you can shoot him an email at

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