Courtney and Tim


Courtney and Tim were married on a property in Barham, NSW. Now, this wasn’t just a wedding, it was a WEDSTIVAL. Part wedding, part festival. I must admit, this wedding I was really exciting to be involved with. I truly love what I do and all weddings are exciting in their own way, but this was extra special.

I worked with Courtney in my other job. I was excited for her when she got engaged and started planning the different parts of the wedstival. I knew that it was going to be in Barham and kind of assumed that it would be a job that a lucky country celebrant would get to be a part of. I was so excited when Courtney wanted Tim to meet with me too, and discuss being their celebrant for the big day.

_DSC9486 _DSC9577
The wind was not my friend on Court and Tim’s wedding day. First it blew my paperwork half way to the main road, which was a long walk from the ceremony site. Luckily there was a lovely man there who caught my paperwork and saved me from I don’t know how many headaches. Then the wind blew over one of the PA speakers just as the girls were arriving. Signing the paperwork was very tricky, but we got there in the end. With wind that strong you can imagine just how many ladies had to hold their dresses down!

Tim and Courtney met each other through mutual friends at an 18th birthday party. Tim’s first impressions of Courtney were that she was funny, outgoing and clearly beautiful. Courtney noticed Tim’s messy blonde hair, his big smile and how very polite he was. It was a time in their lives when everything was set to change. Only a few months after making their relationship official, Courtney moved to Ballarat for University while Tim remained in Barham to finish school. They stuck out the whole long distance relationship and they believe that this has helped strengthen their relationship, not to mention truly appreciating their time together. Being apart from one another helped to give their relationship it’s rock solid foundation and has provided them with some beautiful memories.


When I asked Courtney and Tim to tell me when they knew they were in love, Courtney said it was tough to pinpoint, “Somewhere between my growing excitement when the Camry would pull into my Uni Res car park and a sleepless night spent playing Where’s Wally”. Tim said “I think when the time came for Court to go to Uni, and I was staying at home another year to finish year 12. We talked about whether we should stay together and try make the long-distance thing work, or call it a day. Breaking up never even felt like an option for either of us.”

I remember when Courtney and Tim got engaged, when they were on an overseas adventure. Courtney said that Tim totally surprised her with a grass ring he had woven while they sat at the base of a waterfall in Switzerland. She remember spotting him winding the grass around his finger and her heart beginning to race. She had known for quite some time the boy was the one, but they had barely discussed marriage. She remembers thinking what a true gentleman he was to ask her with such a romantic gesture.

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When I asked Tim and Courtney about some of the stand out qualities that they saw in each other it was obvious just how in love that they are. Tim said that Courtney is extremely talented creatively, she is very protective and caring of everyone close to her. Courtney said that Tim has the biggest heart of any person that she has ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is kind and patient with her and most of all so supportive. They grown and adapted to each others idiosyncrasies without even noticing. Even overcoming the ultimate hurdle with Tim following Collingwood and Courtney following Carlton. This has brought a new meaning to the word compromise in their relationship.

They truly are wonderful people. I liked Court the minute that I met her and assumed Tim must be nice and I would like him seeing as Courtney was going to marry him. When I met him, I understood all of the lovely things that people had said about him. I’ve gotten to know them both better over the whole wedstival experience, and think that I am very lucky to have been able to be a part of their very special day.

_DSC10163 _DSC10217 _DSC10184

This was an amazing wedding and so beautifully put together. There were just so many stand out things, from the Gumbo van (those pickles were the BOMB!!) , to the home made relish and terracotta potted cacti that was bonbonnerie for the guests. Everything was amazing. There were some of the best speeches that I have heard at a reception. The best man Nick did an amazing job of making a beautiful heart felt speech funny. Court’s Dad said loving words about both of them. Tim’s Dad’s speech had people in the crowd crying with his utterly beautiful words. He managed to lighten the mood by telling Courtney that becoming part of the family came with certain responsibilities. He then handed Courtney some pre filled out Collingwood membership forms.

I am blown away by the people that I meet being a celebrant. From talking with Tim’s grandfather about how proud he is of Tim. He told me that Tim being so charming is not new to him, apparently he has been like that since he was a little tacker. To talking with both sets of parents. It is plain to see why these are two of the most beautiful people that you would ever meet. Thank you Tim and Courtney for choosing me to conduct your wedding and letting me be a big part of the wonderful day that was your Wedstival. I feel very lucky.

Thank you to the lovely Ian Zed, for the use of his beautiful images. Check out his other work on his website and his tumblr account. Drop him an email if you would like to get in touch about your event on
You can also see the stunning wedding invitations that Courtney created on my blog about them here.

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