Wedding Karma


Are you getting married and having a sneaky giggle to yourself. Or have you been a part of a wedding where you thought ‘Wow, Wedding Karma will come around.’
Someone I know is having no end of drama with one of her attendants. (It might sound like you, it’s a common problem, no I’m not naming any names!) She doesn’t like the dress, wants a different style, different fit, colour… the list goes on. Not once thinking for a minute that there may be other attendants to think about or maybe the bride really wants that colour for the day. Above all this, the attendant hasn’t for one moment considered that ‘wedding karma is a b*#@h!!’ and perhaps she deserves whatever comes to her. Maybe due to the dress that she made the now bride wear at her own wedding. Maybe she didn’t think it was bad and maybe I’m being a little harsh. (Sound like someone you know or, hopefully not, one of your attendants?)

These kind of things make me laugh a little. These people that are getting married are your best friends, (or they should be) on both sides. Don’t ask them to be your attendants if they are not. You are both going to have to do some real thinking about each other. I have previously blogged about ‘Tips for a stress free bridal party‘ and ‘Responsibilities of the bridal party’. But try to remember that you have chosen these people for a reason.
It is the Bride’s wedding day and in the end she should get the final say. Be nice to your friends, one day you might be in their wedding too. Maybe it says a lot about some of the friends that we have. But think of other people, and think of the people in your wedding.  I only had the one attendant at my wedding, and I was lucky my bestie was happy to go with suggestions and colours that I liked. Turned out, in the end I wanted her to choose. She had to wear the dress and she also paid for it. I was also lucky enough to be in her wedding and she let all of us choose the style of our dress, she wanted us to wear black or grey, and was mindful that all of her attendants were all shapes and sizes, so we could choose something that we felt comfortable in. We paid for our own dresses and this worked well. It might be different if the bride is paying for the dresses. As long as you don’t look like one of the horrendous numbers out of 27 dresses, I don’t know how much real say you can have when she is paying for the dress. All the tips in the past blogs hold true, but be nice to these people, they are some of your best friends, and above all….. ‘Wedding Karma is a b*#@h!!’

AG04 AG05
Have you been to weddings where you wondered about how the bride could do that to her friends? Or have you been the victim of some well deserved wedding karma?I’d love to hear your stories.

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