Wedding Insurance


I have been hearing more and more about Wedding Insurance. One of the couples who’s wedding I am conducting later in the year mentioned it to me when we were talking and it started me thinking.

So I had a bit of a look online and it seems that more and more couples are taking out wedding insurance. It sounds like a good idea if you are having a large or quite expensive wedding. I did start thinking of all the horror stories that I have heard about venues burning down, going broke and all sorts of other reasons that might make couples consider taking out insurance.  My husband and I attended a wedding a few years ago now that was a destination wedding of sorts. The couple had chosen where they wanted to be married and had done lots of hard work planning out their wedding in Mooloolaba. Everyone was booked in, people were traveling from far and wide, including the bride and groom. The majority of the guests were booked to stay within walking distance of the reception venue. A week or so out from the wedding day, the couple had trouble getting onto the reception venue and long story short, the place went out of business and they had to find another venue for their reception. They worked out transport arrangements for people to get to and from the new venue and had a whole lot of work to do in a short amount of time. I remember then thinking how much money they probably lost and wondered where they stood in a situation like that.

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Obviously the insurance isn’t going to do all of the hard work for you, but it will help with costs associated with getting a new venue on short notice. From what I can gather they also cover if the wedding date has to be changed due to illness. It doesn’t cover cancelling though, if one of the couple decide that they don’t want to go through with the wedding.

Like any insurance people should check what the policy covers, read the fine print and have all of your questions answered. What are your thoughts on wedding insurance?

Thank you again to Untamed Images Photography for this weeks blog photos. Have a look at their website here and their facebook page by clicking here.


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