Wearing white to a Wedding


Wearing white to a wedding, unless you are a bride is a huge ‘no no’ in my book. I thought that most people thought the same way, but apparently not.  A little while back when meeting with a lovely couple, one of them asked me what I wear to a wedding. (You can read my blog about what I wear here.) I explained what I generally wear and how I go about choosing an outfit to wear on someone’s wedding day.

Wedding-Photography-Montsalvat-melbourne-30 Wedding-Photography-Montsalvat-melbourne-29
They then went on to tell me about a wedding they had attended were the celebrant wore a white dress. I was shocked and mortified. Who on earth would do that? The only reason would be if the couple were having a wedding where they asked everyone to come dressed in white, or had asked for the celebrant to do this. In my opinion, no one except the bride, should arrive at a wedding wearing white.
Do you think that it is ever ok to wear white to a wedding if you are not the bride?

Wedding-Photography-Montsalvat-melbourne-36 Wedding-Photography-Montsalvat-melbourne-33

Thank-you to the Love Journal for their lovely photos. Check out their website here and like them on facebook to stay updated with all of their work.


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