Sarah and Wayne

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I met Sarah and Wayne after a mutual friend suggested that they talk to me about conducting their wedding ceremony, and I also conducted the wedding of their friends Heidi and Alex a few months before.

Sarah and Wayne have spent the last 4 years together, they were in the same group of friends, but not really that close to begin with, but Sarah remembers thinking that Wayne was quiet, well spoken and smiled a lot. Wayne remembers his first impression of Sarah was that she was really excitable, had a wonderful sense of humour and laughed a lot. There are many things that they like to do as a couple, from spending hours chatting over coffee, taking impulsive road trips, to travelling the world together. They both speak fondly of walking together into Monets garden, how they smiled at each other when they realised that it was the calmest place on earth and what an indescribable experience it was to see it together. They also fondly remember walking the streets of Paris in search of a sharpie pen to write on their lock to lock on the lovers lock bridge opposite the Nortre Dame.

_MG_6398- Sarah & Wayne SMALL_MG_6670- Sarah & Wayne SMALL_MG_6760- Sarah & Wayne SMALL

Sarah and Wayne were married in May at Inglewood Estate, in Kangaroo Ground. It was my first visit to the venue, and it was spectacular. The chapel was one of the most beautiful that I think I have conducted a wedding in, it was small and stunning, but old and very well looked after. The 95 or so guests fit in perfectly, but made it look very full.
Wayne and Sarah chose to have their ceremony at 5pm, so it was getting later in the day and the sun was starting to go down, they chose to have a first look photo shoot. Which is a great idea especially if you are having a late ceremony, and especially in winter when there isn’t the extended daylight when there is daylight savings. (I have blogged previously about the pros and cons of first look photo shoots, you can read that blog here.) Sarah and her attendants looked amazing! All of the girls had different outfits but were all lovely, and worked really well together. It was really nice to see the bride before the ceremony, it is a moment that I really look forward to, and I thought that it might take away from the moment for me, I must admit that is one of my favorite moments, (I get really excited seeing the brides for the first time and the reaction of the groom too) but I  felt quite privileged that I had already seen her.
_MG_6262- Sarah & Wayne SMALL_MG_6712- Sarah & Wayne SMALL _MG_6687- Sarah & Wayne SMALL _MG_6481- Sarah & Wayne SMALL
Everything went beautifully, and there were some beautiful movie references and quotes throughout the ceremony, and a cute ‘Friends’ moment. (Sarah is a HUGE friends fan) I’m not sure if people picked them out or not but it was a great way for Sarah and Wayne to really personalise their wedding in a way that mean something to them. It was such a fantastic day! Again it makes me feel really privileged to do what  I do. Share in people’s special day and help them exchange vows with one another that mean something to them. It was so great to see Heidi and Alex  again too!
_MG_6473- Sarah & Wayne SMALL
Thanks to Wade for the photos from Sarah and Wayne’s day check out his other work here. Also have  a look at the website of the stunning Inglewood Estate.

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