Chloe and Sean

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My first meeting with Chloe and Sean was over Skype. They live in Adelaide and as I am in Melbourne, obviously we couldn’t meet up face to face.  My sister is great friends with Chloe’s sister Amber and they suggested that I could do the wedding ceremony. I didn’t really think that they would want me to do it, in the beginning. I thought maybe we would have a chat and then the lovely idea would go into the too hard basket, as there are plenty of celebrants in Adelaide. The Skype session was quite hard for me, the connection wasn’t the best and I couldn’t see their faces that clearly, so I wasn’t really sure how all of what I was saying was being received. Even my newborn baby got upset towards the end of the meeting, but it must have gone well, as they decided that they wanted me to conduct their wedding.

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I flew over to Adelaide to meet them and to sign their Notice of Intended Marriage. I had received completed questionnaires from them a few weeks prior, so I knew a little bit about them and we had been sending emails back and forth. It was lovely to finally be able to meet them in person and go and have a look at the amazing location that they had chosen for their ceremony. From their questionnaires I found out that they are huge Star Trek fans, one of my dearest friends is also a lover of all things Star Trek, so I enlisted her help to give me some insight about the best couples and love stories throughout the Star Trek series, with the hope of being able to use some Star Trek quotes and personalise their ceremony in a way that is truly them. I wanted to make sure that it would be obvious to them and fellow Star Trek fans that the quotes were in there, but not crazy out there parts that would be silly or abnormal to other people. I watched a Klingon wedding and took some lovely parts from it to include in their ceremony.

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Chloe and Sean were married in Adelaide at the Capri Theatre in Goodwood, in April.  It was a stunning venue for a wedding. They had all wonderful theatre touches to complete the theme. They had fantastic ticket style invitations. They had popcorn and jaffas in the foyer of the theatre. All of the songs that they used throughout the ceremony were from movies. Sean, Chloe and all of their attendants entered the stage to the Imperial March, from Star Wars, and they used the music from the Cantina scene in Star Wars when signing the register. They even exited the stage to the Star Trek theme.

Sean loves that Chloe can quote Star Trek on command, that she has a no BS attitude, and a fantastic laid back nature. Although she insists on tickling him and hates cricket, she makes him laugh when she sneezes like a pixie.  Chloe loves that as a couple they basically function exactly the same when they are together as they do when they are apart. It makes her happy that they somehow managed to not need to change a single thing about their lives in order to share them so easily. Although Sean puts tomato sauce on pancakes, and snores, she loves how he takes everything that she dishes out to him, like a champ. He understands her, she can be weird, horrible or downright ridiculous and he loves her just the same.

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All of Sean’s attendants had Star Trek tie pins and cufflinks.  Chloe and all of her attendants wore black floor length dresses. They looked fantastic, especially being in the theatre. Chloe’s dress was stunning. The ceremony went well, people laughing at all of the parts that were funny, and there were even some cheers when marriage equality was mentioned.

I am truly lucky to do what I do, and in cases like this travel around the country and marry lovely people with fantastic families and friends. I get to meet and get to know people like Chloe and Sean. I know that I am so lucky to get share some of the most amazing moments in people’s  lives with them. Hopefully, it’s just time to wait for Chloe’s sister Amber to be married, maybe I can make a return trip.

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Thank-you to Amanda June Photography, for the photos from Sean and Chloe’s amazing day. Have a look at her other work, find her on facebook here.



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