Pants suits instead of a Wedding Dress



I love pintrest and looking at all things wedding. As I have said many times before I could spend all day talking about and looking at all things wedding. One recent trend that I have seen on Pintrest a little bit lately is Pants suits instead of Wedding dresses. Some of these suits are stunning and some are probably only catwalk material. (some have a little too much side boob for most brides I’m sure, but hey, whatever makes you happy.)

I’m not sure how I feel about a pants suit or  jumpsuit rather than a wedding dress. Again, Whatever suits you and makes your wedding your own, I just don’t know about how I personally feel about it. I think for me, I like a little bit of tradition, and I know I loved wearing my wedding dress. I wore it to Coles, I didn’t want to take it off (you can read about my wedding day here), I know a friend of mine has photos of herself with a backpack on in the nightclub line in her wedding dress!


For me I’d also be worried about how this would  date. Don’t get me wrong, styles change so much and I  wouldn’t necessarily  have the same dress that I chose 15 years ago. But I would wonder how I would feel about this at a later date if I went for something that was in style like the ‘Pants suit’.

Saying this some of them are simply stunning. And nothing different from bucking tradition and wearing say a red or a black wedding dress. What do you think of a pants suit instead of a wedding dress? Would you consider it?

These images are from Pintrest. Check out Pintrest for all sorts of wedding planning, or read my blog about using Pintrest to plan your special day here.


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