Turning off your phone for the wedding ceremony


There has been a bit of buzz around lately about couples asking their guests not to bring their phones to weddings. Some people don’t want others taking photos or risk the phones going off. Some people choose to put a ban on uploading files to social media sites for their big day. What do you think? Is this taking things too far? No phones at all? Can you really enforce this?


There are usually two camps on this theory and I have previously blogged about great ideas for using social media for those who choose to embrace it. However, I do understand the desire to have no photos uploaded.  I’m not too sure though about no phones at a wedding. What about the guest who has a 3 week old baby at home and this is the first time that they have left the baby at home? I don’t think they would be too fond of the idea and what about the people wanting to call a cab to get them from the ceremony to the reception. I think that a lot of people would just ignore the request.


On the other hand, it is not unreasonable to ask people to respect your wishes eg please turn the phone off during the ceremony and no photos to be taken. It is a definite way to make sure that people listen and pay attention. Your photographer would probably be happy that there won’t be lots of people jumping in the way when the bride is walking down the aisle. If you were going to ask for a blanket ban on photos at the wedding, you might want to think about making sure that you can make the professional photographers photos available to your guests as a lot of people want photos of these precious moments.

Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_003(pp_w654_h421) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_018a(pp_w654_h465) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_006(pp_w654_h461)

What do you think? Would you ban photos or phones at a wedding? Or been to a wedding where there was a ban in place?

Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_005(pp_w654_h412) Abbotsford_Convent_Wedding_004(pp_w654_h895)

Thanks again to Kirralee for the lovely photos on this weeks blog. Check out her website here and you can like her facebook page here.


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