Traditions – Writing on the bottom of your shoe

Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding33

In a Turkish wedding, when getting married the bride has all her single female friends write their names on the sole of her bridal shoes. After the wedding day, if someone’s name has been rubbed off and can not be read anymore it means this person is going be the next to get married. What a lovely and fun tradition.

You could do something like this on your wedding day, you could make it something that you do at your kitchen tea or hens day celebrations. You could also look at some other variations on this tradition.

Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding07 Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding11 Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding13

Some brides choose to have ‘I do’ or ‘Mrs (new name)’ painted on the bottom of her shoes. Another cute idea is to have initials of the bride and groom written there, in little gems or rhinestones, this would be a great way to get something blue into your outfit. (I’ve blogged previously about something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, check it out here)

Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding31 Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding29

One thing that you can do is have your bridesmaid write some warm wishes to you. It could be something that they can do while you are spending time together getting your hair and makeup done, or maybe the night before if you are all staying together. Alternatively the bride could write on the bottom of the bridesmaids shoes as an original take on a thank you card. Especially if the bride is suppling the shoes for the attendants it would be a lovely surprise for them to read when everyone is getting ready.

Have you been to any weddings where the bride or anyone else had something written on the bottom of their shoes?

Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding20 Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding25 Wedding-Photography-at-Taylors-lakes-Turkish wedding24

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