Heidi and Alex

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What a wedding this was!! So wonderfully put together with a LOT of hard work from Heidi and Alex.

I first met Heidi and Alex in November. I was recommended by their friends, another couple that are getting married later this year. They are all in the same friends circle and it has been a real pleasure getting to know all of them.

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Their wedding day marked 2 years since Heidi and Alex went on their first date. After that first date, the second, third and fourth followed on consecutive evenings. They then started spending more evenings a week together than they spent apart, and after 4 months moved in together. They have been inseparable ever since.  If anyone spends time with Alex and Heidi they will clearly see just how in love they are.  When you walk into their home, you see the beautiful painting that Alex created to propose to Heidi with. I instantly wanted to know the story behind the proposal. When I asked them questions about what they love about the other, I received some truly lovely responses.

What Heidi loves about Alex is his kindness, his honesty, the way he understands her and takes care of her, the way he loves her and makes her smile. Most of all It is the way that Alex protects her and makes me feel safe no matter what. She loves his smile, every different one. Heidi loves that he loves his family more than anything and always wants to help them out in every way.

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Alex mentioned that he loves most about Heidi is how she makes him feel about himself, even though he feels that may be selfish! When he is with her, he feels more ‘himself’ that he ever had before he met her – she brings out more and more of what he likes in himself and almost makes him feel more ‘pure’ than he had been. She brings out his creative side and his desire to create, draw, paint, read and write. He is not sure how she manages to do it, or whether it is intentional, but it is something Alex is forever thankful for.

Their wedding was out on a property belonging to one of their friends in Gladysdale, and the only thing that was in the area was a lovely big tree. Everything else had to be taken there on the day. It was a beautiful day for it, not too hot, but a lovely sunny March afternoon.  They had a marquee and chairs set up under the big beautiful tree. They had lots of drinks, food and lots of iced tea. No details were forgotten, all of the rows of chairs had handmade flowers in a vintage mug tied to the sides of them. They had a lovely chalk board telling their guests to pick a seat, not a side. There was plenty of water for guests to keep hydrated, the cutest little packets of tic tacs I’ve ever seen, and some of the best order of service booklets I have seen in a long time. (see the blog about them here) Everything was themed in white and purple, Heidi’s favourite colour. Everyone thought that Heidi was going to be wearing a purple dress and all of her attendants were wearing white, (with awesome jelly sandals mind you!) but on the day everyone was surprised when Heidi arrived in a beautiful white dress.

Heidi + Alex-18 Heidi + Alex-23 Heidi + Alex-25 Heidi + Alex-29

Emotions ran high when Heidi walked down the aisle, there were lots of tears. It was beautiful. In a ceremony filled with references to various children’s books, one of Heidi’s bridesmaids read Dr Seuss’ Oh the places you will go. She did a wonderful job of reading such a long and tongue twisting reading! And just when people thought that it couldn’t get any better, they read from their Mr. Men order of service booklets that Mr Burger was arriving to feed everyone their main meal.

It was a magnificent day, that I was privileged to be a part of. Heidi said to me on the day that she was sad that we wouldn’t be needing to keep in touch any more. I’m so glad that we will be seeing each other in a few months time for the wedding of Wayne and Sarah.

Heidi + Alex-36

Thank- you to Sarah Godenzi for the use of the photos from Heidi and Alex’s beautiful day. You can check out her website, blog and facebook page for more of her work.




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