Relationship counselling


Relationships counselling is something that people don’t really associate with a wedding. People are getting married so they are in love, right? Things in their relationship must be going great, right? Yes, the majority of the time this is the case. Most couples don’t need ‘counselling’ as such, but as a celebrant I am obliged to inform people intending to get married about the relationship counselling that is available, and offer them the names of somewhere they can get this service. Counselling is not something that Celebrants offer. It is all together separate.

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If a couple are getting married in a church, more often than not, they will have to complete some sort of relationship counselling when they are preparing to marry. Most of the time it is done by the priest, or pastor or by whomever is going to conduct the ceremony, and as far as I am aware it is over a few sessions.



This is not the case with a Celebrant conducted wedding. This is not compulsory at all, but it is something that is well worth thinking about. When I was completing my studies to become a celebrant we had some people come and speak to us from relationship counselling, telling us about the different services that they offer. It isn’t just counselling as the name may lead you to think.  More interestingly, it was about creating a dialogue  and finding out about core values. This is something that I think should be talked about before people get married.
Most of the time couples do cover these topics. Do you want children? Who will stay home with them? What are your core values? What is important in your relationship? These are things that most people have spoken about when they have been in a relationship for a while. However if these thing haven’t been discussed, this is a great time to do it. It is great to speak about these things and make sure that people are on the same page about topics that are vitally important to them. It helps start these conversations if some people don’t know how to do so them themselves.
If you are interested in looking into this further check out Relationships Australia’s website or LifeWorks, or google Relationship counselling in your area.


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