2014 Weddings


2014 is already gearing up to be a busy year. I have already had some really wonderful people contact me and book me for their weddings this year. I have always thought that as a celebrant, I am really lucky to meet wonderful people, but some of the couples I have met recently are truly amazing people. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.

I am really excited about what some of them have in store and can’t wait to share these special days here with you. One of the couples I am yet to meet in person, we have only had a chance to skype! It’s a lot harder to see people and their reactions to what you are saying, when they are on your computer screen and a little pixelated.

I am looking forward to numerous weddings, but some that I’m really excited about are a beach wedding, a lovely chapel wedding, a wildlife park, even a Country Property with a Hamburger Truck! Totally awesome and personal weddings. Stay tuned to hear about these exciting weddings.

There are still plenty of dates free, if you are having a wedding in 2014, feel free to get it touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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