Stacey and Reece

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I met Stacey and Reece about 4 months before their wedding and the first time I met this lovely couple, I instantly liked them. They had their little girl Audrey with them, who is just super adorable. We chatted about their special day, I could tell just how in love they were and I hoped that they would choose me to be the celebrant for their wedding.

Reece and Stacey met when Stacey was working in retail, Reece kept going through her register at work and asked her out to lunch, Reece later proposed to her on the 12th of the 12 month in 2012, 10 years to the date since their first lunch together. Can you believe he made  Stacey wait 10 whole years? The proposal took place at one of their first holiday locations, where they went for a romantic picnic dinner.

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When I asked Reece and Stacey about some of the stand out qualities they saw in the each other, it was obvious just how in love they are. Reece mentioned that Stacey is caring, thoughtful, never selfish, and she makes him laugh when she pronounces some words funnily. Reece loves seeing Stacey interacting and happy with their daughter Audrey. Reece feels that Stacey is the only one who truly gets him. Stacey said that she loves how Reece is funny, caring and loving, and that he is always willing to help others at the drop of a hat. Reece makes her laugh when he sings and dances around the house. She loves him even with the excessive amounts of milk that he drinks, and she listens and supports his ideas even if sometimes they seem far fetched, she also loves that he is affectionate, and that the birth of Audrey has brought them closer as a couple.

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Stacey and Reece were married on the last day of winter, at Killara Estate Winery. Their wedding was stunning, the view of the vineyard was breathtaking with the mountains in the background.  Stacey decorated the room that the reception was to be held in.  Stacey looked absolutely amazing in her vintage themed gown and hairstyle. (It’s always so exciting getting to see the bride, I know everyone loves that moment, when we get to see the bride for the first time.)  She was accompanied by her sister and friend, one of her bridesmaids ended up not being able to be there, as her waters broke the night before the wedding. But we had talked about the possibility of this happening at the rehearsal, and there isn’t a better excuse to not be in a wedding, than bringing a little person into the world. The girls all entered the beautiful ceremony area via a stunning wooden door and came down a red carpet. Little Audrey was the first to come through the doors. One of my favourite parts of the ceremony was after Reece and Stacey exchanged rings, they also presented Audrey with a necklace, to represent the promises that they made to her on the day, and to let her know that whatever life puts in Audrey’s way, that they will always be there for her, ready to catch her should she fall, need reassurance or just to know that she is loved.
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Again I feel really privileged to get to be a part of peoples special day and lucky to get to know such fun and loving people. It was so lovely getting to know Stacey, Reece and fantastic little Audrey.  It is really amazing for me to watch people that I have just gotten to know, become husband a wife, what a joy!
They had a lovely old truck and cars that they used in their photos, along with the stunning location, they got lots of  stunning photos. Thanks to Ramy from Ateia Photography for letting me use photos from Stacey and Reece’s perfect day. Check out Ateia Photography’s website here and like them on facebook, click here to go to the facebook page.  Also if you are out in the Seville area you should go and see Killara Estate, click here to see their website too.
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