Alternatives to a floral bouquet


Recently I did a blog about bouquets (you can read it here) and about all the different things that you could do and have, but some people are not interested in carrying a bouquet of flowers and having them around all day. Again this is something that you can take as far and wide as you like and the only thing to limit you is your imagination, but it is a great way to express yourself, and make a statement to your guests.

One thing that I tend to speak to all of the brides that I work with is about having something to hold on to, a lot of brides ask when they need to pass their bouquet to their attendants, or put them down, and most of the time I recommend that they hold on to them for as long as they can. The bouquet can be a wonderful security blanket object that you can keep fidgeting hands busy with and it is something grip onto hard if you get nervous at the start of the ceremony. If a floral bouquet isn’t for you maybe you would like one of these alternatives.

_07A4370 soft


I have seen a little bit about this kind of trend and there are people making bouquets out of feathers, or just using them for their corsage. This would look quite good if you were having it as a theme throughout your whole wedding. Although it is something that I think could look dated quite quickly.


This is a great one, practical, and beautiful. Especially if you are a handbag type of girl. It would be a great way to have all that you need with you on your day while it not looking out of place to be carrying one.

_07A4609 _07A4630

A Muff

Especially lovely if you are having a winter wedding, great for keeping you warm and looking all wintery. However, (be prepared for jokes that will probably last all day, most people like the opportunity to make a muff joke.)

An Umbrella

These can make great props in your photos and can be diverse, especially if you are looking at different colours and fabrics. This could be a great idea for photos at the beach or in the local botanical gardens.



There are some beautiful and unique fans around.  Fans can look timeless and have a lovely vintage style to them, and you can really complete the theme of a vintage wedding by carrying one.

A wrist  corsage

Technically this is still flowers, but this is a great way to have something a little different, but and still not have to carry a bouquet around all day. This in itself is quite appealing to a lot of brides, this can be something that keeps with tradition but at the same time is a little different and can be a great way for you to still have flowers without having a big bouquet. I think it is a great idea especially if you are having a small wedding or are having a wedding that is not all the way ‘traditional’.

Themed things

Not having a bouquet of flowers could be a great way to incorporate your theme, if you are having a beach wedding and are using shells on invites and table decorations, why not have a bouquet made of shells, or a wedding that is in gardens, using pine cones.


Obviously, as I have said many times before, that you really are only limited by your imagination. There are plenty more ideas on alternatives that I haven’t listed, or thought of, on the internet. Check out Pinterest too, they you can always have find lots of ideas and inspiration there. Check out my blog about using  pinterest to plan your wedding by clicking here. One thing to keep in mind with all of these things is that you need to consider the style and the theme of your wedding so that whatever you choose to carry matches with the style of the wedding, if not these could look quite out of place and leave people wondering, why are you carrying them.

Have you been to any wedding where the bride or attendants didn’t carry a bouquet? What did they carry and did it work with the theme of the wedding?


Thank-you to Untamed Images for the use of their beautiful photos for this weeks blog, check out their website and facebook page, and have a look at some more of their lovely work.


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