Baby Naming of Emily


I have been friends with Emily’s parents Tom and Scarlett, since before they were a couple; It was wonderful when they got together. I remember when they fell pregnant with Emily and I watched Scarlett’s tummy grow as the months passed before Emily was born. Scarlett and Tom  have been there throughout my pregnancy too and were there to answer questions and give helpful new parenting advice. So when it came time for Emily to have her naming ceremony it was only fitting that I quickly agreed when they asked me to do perform the ceremony. Even though it was going to be about two and a half weeks after my own baby was due to be born, however my own baby had other ideas and decided to be born about 5 weeks before Emily’s naming day.  This made things a little easier as far as having a fresh new baby when the naming ceremony was happening.

Emily had her naming day on her first birthday; a Teddy bears picnic themed party at Presidents Park, in Wyndham Vale. It was quite a cold August day but the sun did decide to come out for a while. There were so many of their Emily’s family and friends there and having it at the park was great as there was plenty of play equipment to entertain the kids. They had a BBQ lunch and loads of wonderful cakes and finger food, even teddy bear shaped lamingtons!

Many of the guests had travelled from a great distance to be there,  from Wagga Wagga and as far away as Perth. It was really lovely to see that so many people knew how much it meant for Scarlett and Tom to be able to announce the Godparents that they had chosen for Emily and for the Godparents, and Tom and Scarlett themselves, to make some special promises to Emily.

I had a truly lovely day, and it was so nice to see friends of mine, surrounded by all of their closest friends and relatives.



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3 responses to “Baby Naming of Emily

  1. Kelly

    And how nice it must have been for them, having someone who knows them personally do the ceremony. That would have added to how special it was 🙂
    I’ll be keeping you in mind for my future ceremonies 😉

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