Allergies and dietary requirements at your wedding


With all of the things that people are allergic to nowadays and so many people choosing to be vegetarian or vegan, it is something that you need to be mindful of when planning meals at your wedding. It is something that you need to talk to your venue about in advance and make sure that you put the option for your guests to advise you of any dietary requirements on your RSVP cards (you can read my blog about RSVP cards here). This will allow you to have plenty of time to tell your reception venue or catering company of any changes they may need to make to their dishes.

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This is a very important factor to remember, as it may not be something that you initially think about especially if you are not allergic to anything yourself or are not vegetarian or vegan. I think that most people remember the vegetarian and vegan options, but a lot of the time we forget about those who are gluten or lactose intolerant, or something similar. Or if one of your guests has a nut allergy, it is important for the caterers to know that they can’t eat them or it could cause much distress. There would be nothing worse than having to call an ambulance because of a guest being ill from the food. These are things that the venue will most likely have experienced and as much as you might have no idea what is involved in solving such an issue, people who deal with food for a living will be able to sort out.

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I couldn’t think of anything worse than someone being a guest at the wedding and not being able to eat their meal because of allergies. Firstly, because you have paid for the meal and secondly you really don’t want people to have to go through a fast food drive-through on the way home from your wedding!

One idea is to have a tick box on your RSVP card, so that people can tick what they need. Some people prefer to have a section for people to write their dietary requirements in, but do beware that people may also just put what they don’t like on that line too. You may receive responses like ‘I don’t like garlic’. Answers like this do not indicate necessary dietary requirements and is merely a preference. It is up to you if you take any of that on board, but you probably won’t be able to please everyone if you do. It is also up to you as to how far you want to take this matter. If one or two of your guests suffer from coeliac disease, you might want to check with the venue if they can make the hors d’oeuvres that are gluten free and maybe depending on what sort of wedding cake you are having, you could organise to have a tier of the cake made gluten free. Or have some cupcakes and have some of them especially for people who cannot eat gluten, this could also work for guests who are vegan. It isn’t just the main meal that you need to think about. It is all of the other food components of the day too. Being thoughtful in this matter will not only mean that all of your guests and their needs catered for, it will also make them feel special and considered on the day.

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Thanks to Lauren at Purely Taken. Photography for the lovely shots for this weeks blog, check out her website here and her facebook page here.

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