Sick on someones wedding day

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Has this ever happened to you or your significant other, being sick on someones wedding day? It recently happened to me when my husband fell very ill on the day of my friends wedding. He had some sort of bug or food poisoning that had him up violently ill all through the night and most of the morning.

I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what to do. Do I ring or text the bride? Is there someone else that I should let know? I had a little bit of a look online for an answer but this just confused me more as there were forums and all sorts of blogs about being sick with time to spare, but nothing about falling ill on the day (or through the night before).

I think it depends on who the bride is as to what you should do, and how far in advance that you become sick. One of my other friends that I sat with at the wedding was unwell too, but just had  a flu and decided that feeling a little bit off colour wasn’t going to keep her away from the big day of one of our very special friends. I ultimately decided that my friend that was getting married would be stressed out enough getting ready for her big day, and that it probably wouldn’t affect too badly that my husband was ill so I would tell her at the wedding. I knew she would be concentrating on what she needed to do for the day, and also isn’t one of those people that would let it bother her either. It wasn’t like she could invite someone else on such short notice or let the venue know and take his meal off the cost of the reception. I think that it is something that there is no hard and fast rule for, but I also think it is important to consider what kind of person your friend is too. Some people would want to know before the wedding as that is just the kind of people that they are, then you should call or text them on the day.

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I think it also depends on what kind of sickness you are affected by. Food poisoning or vomiting isn’t something I want to be around at a celebration and wouldn’t want that person to come to my wedding if they were suffering. I think if you have a little cold, then you shouldn’t let that keep you away from the wedding that you have already RSVPed to. That is just plain rude. If it is something that might happen like the upcoming arrival of a baby or a family member is gravely ill, make sure that the couple that are getting married know about this in advance and if you are a no show to their big day they will know why.

If you know in advance that you or your partner or someone else in your invited group will be too sick to attend and there is enough time for the bride and groom to invite someone whom they may not have originally had space to invite before or let the venue know to reduce the numbers on the day so that they will not have to pay for the person, then you should absolutely do so.

Has this ever happened to you and what did you do? What would you want your guests to do in this situation?


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