Including animals in your ceremony


Animals are such a huge part of many people’s lives and some really want to include them in their ceremony. I think it really depends on what sort of wedding you are having and what your expectations are for the big day.

If you want your wedding to run smoothly without anything going wrong don’t include animals or children. They both cannot be relied upon to do exactly what you want on the day. When it comes to animals you can’t explain to them what you would like them to do, at least with children you can go over what you expect on the day at the rehearsal. This doesn’t guarantee they won’t get nervous or stage fright on the day, however in comparison when including animals there is even less chance that they will do what you want. Think on whether your pet is a people person or not and if this will be an enjoyable experience for your pet too? The last thing you want is to put your pet in a situation where it is distressed or upset. Consider how your pet deals with crowds and noise. Appointing someone, as the ‘pet nanny’, so you are sure your animal will be looked after during the celebration is a great idea. If you don’t think that your pet would cope with the crowd there are lots of other ways that you can mention or include your pet without them even being present. You may also decide to include them in your photos, mention them in your vows or have their photo part of your theme or decoration at the wedding.

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Including animals in your ceremony is super-cute, especially if the animal has been in your family for years or acts as a child to you and your partner. Just be prepared that things might not go as smoothly as you like and animals are just that, animals, they may relieve themselves at any one time – not be ideal during your ceremony. Some people choose to dress their animals up in outfits or adorn them with flowers or other wedding decorations. If you do decide to dress them up, make sure the outfits fit properly and don’t cause discomfort. If you are using flowers or any other decoration make sure it will not hurt your pet if chewed on or ingested.

Make sure that you check with your venue and other providers and confirm animals included in the ceremony will be permitted. Does the car company you chose let animals travel in their cars? Does the venue you are having your wedding reception at allow animals? If you are getting married on a beach or in a national park check the rules regarding pets too. There would be nothing worse than having your heart set on having your pet there and to turn up on the day to have the venue tell you your animal must not come onto the property. Also consider if there is any one guest or provider, like photographer or chauffeur that may be allergic to animals. It may be a good idea to mention something on the invites to avoid any problems arising.

Do you know anyone who has successfully included animals in their wedding, or would you consider doing it for your own wedding?

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Thanks to Lauren at Purely Taken. Photography for her photos on this weeks blog. Check out her website here and see what else she has been up to on her blog here.

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