Wedding invitations


I love a good wedding invitation as all of those whom regularly read my blog would know, I love receiving them in the mail – especially when a lot of thought has gone into creating them. The save the date cards (read my blog about save the date cards here) and wedding invitations you decide on are generally give your guests a sneak peak of the theme of the wedding to come. There are so many different ways to approach your invitations.

The personal angle:

You can choose to go with a personal wedding invitation; with photographs or artistic pictures of the two of you (or more if you are a blended family or have children together already) this is a sure way to grab the attention of your intended guests. Mostly this approach is for the save the date cards. My cousin had a fantastic wedding invitation, which they designed themselves – all the artwork was done by the couple, a truly memorable invitation that is for sure. Not everyone wants photographs on their invites and I can understand that, but there is something truly unique about a personalised invitation. You don’t have to have photographs to make it your own – there are all sorts of ways to make it personal. For example, your favourite colour or a certain animal you are often affiliated with or a personal attribute that your family and/or circle of friends associate you with.

Funky and unique:

You only have to search on the internet to see a range of the funky and unique invitations out there. Usually they follow fashions, for example the chevron pattern, is in style now, is very popular. You could go with a funky pattern or you could go for a bold colour. They could be handmade invitations that are in theme with your decorations at your ceremony. You could go with something fun and unique, like a puzzle, which your guests need to put together.  You can introduce a retro feel to your invitations, with a vintage style or lace invite.


Colour and theme based:

Colour is a great way to create a ‘theme’ for your wedding. Similarly if you choose a certain flower for your ceremony the invitation can be a great way to introduce it. My cousin was proposed to on the Eiffel Tower – they had it feature throughout the whole wedding, it was on the invites, part of the cake tower and on all the bonbonnerie.

Classical and Traditional:

A classic and traditional theme can sometimes be my favourite, especially when the invitations are truly decadent. One of my friends had a beautiful classic invite on super thick and shimmering paper with a heavy lace and ribbon. I think that these work when you are having a classically themed wedding. I not sure they would work as well for a casual garden wedding. Their invite set the tone of the wedding and matched everything perfectly. Her dress was a full, lovely lace and the flowers matched the colour of the invitations.

What were some of the truly unique attributes of a wedding invitation you have received?  What was it that made the invite so different/lovely/interesting?

Thank-you Vision House Photography for the use of their fantastic photos. Check out their website here.



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