Should weddings be on a Saturday?


Of late I have spoken to two brides to be; they both told me their wedding HAD to be on a Saturday. It doesn’t bother me what day people choose to get married, I’ll marry someone at 1:15 on a Wednesday if it’s what the couple want. I’m sure I would still feel the same joy and excitement that I do for all newly weds. No matter what day the bride and groom choose to join in matrimony it will be a day of love and a memory kept for a lifetime.

Does a wedding need to be on a Saturday to truly feel right?

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I love a wedding any day of the week, however I personally enjoy a weekend wedding. To me a Sunday wedding seems more laid back – some venues will charge less for the couple to have their ceremony then. However a Sunday wedding is becoming more popular and the venues are beginning to set a weekend rate. Often most couples feel a Sunday wedding doesn’t accommodate to all guests, as some will have work the following Monday. However having your wedding on a Sunday may ensure the majority of your guests will leave once the reception has officially ended and possibly drink less, as they won’t have a day to recover before work. Often at a Saturday wedding guests tend to indulge and drink a lot more than they would if the following day was a Monday.

I would love to conduct more Friday weddings, however they aren’t overly popular. I don’t have anything against a Friday wedding or any weekday wedding for that matter; reception venues tend to be cheaper during the week. However it’s best to give your guests plenty of time between sending your invites/ save the date cards and the wedding – a lot of them will need to make sure that they have time off work. I know if one of my loved ones was planning a Friday wedding I would make sure I had time off and not really be bothered about the fact the wedding was on a weekday. This may turn out to be a great way to cull your guest list, people who really want to be there will most likely work to arrange a day off or apply for annual leave. A positive outcome if you are planning to have a wedding out of town with the possibility of booking a place for a long weekend, keeping the guest list to a minimum and extending the festivities for a few days.

Do you think the day a wedding is held matters? How would it affect you if a loved one chose a weekday wedding?


Thanks once again to Vision House Photography for the use of their lovely wedding photos. Check out their  website here.

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